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NYC Broadband Service Provider Uses RADWIN to Deliver High-Speed Broadband Services to New York City's World Trade Center Construction Site


Rainbow Broadband Inc., a New York City-based Broadband Service Provider, was called on to deploy high-speed broadband access services at NYC's 16-acre World Trade Center site. This included connectivity to two skyscrapers, a major transportation hub and multiple on-site work trailers. The customer also needed VoIP and point-of-sale services to support a unique Subway sandwich shop which sits within 1 World Trade Center. It was quickly recognized that for this landmark project, a highly reliable, high bandwidth communications solution would be required to keep the massive site running smoothly and meet its very aggressive construction schedule.

The Challenge
The site's complexity imposed demanding wireless requirements:
- Mobility - This project required support for an integrated mobile office environment that would sit atop of 1 World Trade Center along with the Subway restaurant. Communications would have to remain in continuous operation as the building rose upward to its final height of 105 stories and the mobile office and restaurant rose with it.
- Price/Performance - The solution would have to provide low latency, high availability, and high bandwidth to support rapid transfer of massive files such as architectural plans and blueprints in a cost-effective way.
- Versatility - Both VoIP and WiFi services were required to support a variety of applications, such as telephony service and point-of-sale credit card processing.
Because of the mobility requirements, fiber communications was not an option - fiber is very susceptible to being severed or damaged as the building scales up.

The Solution
Ultimately, Rainbow Broadband determined that microwave radio technology was the ideal solution.
After evaluating a number of competitive products, Rainbow Broadband deployed a solution using a combination of WinLink 1000 Point-to-Point and RADWIN 2000 B-Series radios. They installed RADWIN links at various locations at the construction site and used their roof-top distribution hubs where they beam bandwidth to other RADWIN radios located throughout Manhattan.
Located in lower Manhattan, the first remote hub beams signals to a construction trailer located at 1 World Trade Center. WiFi extends the connectivity to the Subway restaurant and other offices throughout the construction site. The second remote hub, located on the roof of the onsite PATH station (a rapid transit railroad), connects to 4 World Trade Center and down to the underground transportation hub being constructed.

The Result
Despite all the technical challenges, RADWIN's wireless broadband systems were able to satisfy the exacting demands of this complex construction project. RADWIN radios proved to be extremely flexible, offering uninterrupted wireless communications as the building progresses above and below ground. Additionally, the radios demonstrated outstanding durability and robustness in the field, continuing to perform despite some extreme weather conditions experienced in NYC.
This deployment is enabling America's most important construction project to proceed according to the aggressive schedule outlined by the project's management.

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