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Burlington County, NJ Deploys RADWIN


The government of Burlington County, NJ was looking to network seven disparate locations to form "campus coverage" in Pemberton Township. The challenge was to provide uninterrupted high speed voice and data communications to all locations from a single cell tower rapidly and affordably. Because these campuses are located near a military base, RF interference with military radar was a big concern to Burlington County.

The Challenge
Finding the right type of high speed connectivity was a challenge. There were a number of factors to be considered:
- Cost - The first solution considered by the customer involved running fiber optic cable to each location - however, the cost of this solution exceeded their budget.
- Interference - Burlington County is located near a major military installation - therefore a wireless solution would have to meet DFS2 (Dynamic Frequency Selection) rule mandated by the FCC, eliminating many radio-based solutions from consideration.
- Uninterrupted campus coverage - The network would have to support critical government functions, plus maintain connectivity to the local community college.

The Solution
The customer ultimately decided the ideal solution was microwave radio communications. In this installation, RADWIN's WinLink 1000 radios, operating in 5.3/5.4 GHz and mostly 5.8 GHz bands in a Multi Point-to-Point deployment, connected the seven locations to the tower-mounted equipment. The RADWIN links enabled each remote site to benefit from a reliable dedicated connection with full guaranteed bandwidth.
Because they were concerned about RF interference, the System Integrator, New Jersey Business Systems, did RF planning. The Auto Channel Selection (ACS) mechanism built into RADWIN radios would ensure that transmission would be performed in the best channel, mitigating the possibility of interference with military transmissions.

The Result
Burlington County was able to install the RADWIN-based solution within their tight budget constraints. The system has easily handled the data communications needs of the network, while operating flawlessly. Shortly after this deployment, Burlington County decided to install the RADWIN 2000 C and 2000 L high-capacity links at its Resource Recovery Complex, demonstrating their commitment to wireless and their satisfaction with the high level of performance delivered by RADWIN products.

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