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The city of Cumberland, Maryland, gets Wi-Fi with Wavion


The Customer
The city of Cumberland has a population of 22,000 and is located in western Maryland, USA.

The Challenge
Create a municipal Wi-Fi network that will service municipal facilities and, at the same time, offers business and residences broadband wireless connectivity. The Wi-Fi network should be integrated with the ALLCONET Wireless infrastructure.

The Solution
Wavion's Wi-Fi base stations provide broadband Wi-Fi coverage to a 7 square miles area in the city of Cumberland. The network provides a broadband, metro Wi-Fi service in the municipality. It is used to provide continuous connection to the municipal facilities for automated control of cooling, heating, ventilation and lighting.

The Result
Cumberland municipality gained significant saving on energy throughout the city. Its residences and business have gained a high quality, Wireless internet service.

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