The Solution: Transportation/Rail and Mobile Connectivity

Winncom leverages the most innovative technologies from close to 50 manufacturers in our line card. We utilize our experienced RF engineering services to design a lean, cost-effective wireless transportation solution for real-time, ultra-fast connectivity to and from the moving vehicle/train. In addition to high speed internet access and multimedia services, Winncom Transportation Solutions power video surveillance and access on the move as well as ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) deployments.

Transportation and Rail Solutions

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We at Winncom constantly strive to provide our customers with cutting-edge solutions for even the most challenging of applications. As railroads remain one of the world's most important transportation mechanisms for moving both people and cargo, high speed wireless connectivity has become a necessity for ensuring safe and secure communications between the moving train, the tracks, and the control center. Winncom engineers can design solutions for rail that will provide an answer to our customers' every mobile communications need. We can provide real-time transmission of video from onboard the train, high-speed internet access for passengers, multimedia services, and much more. Contact us today!

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