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Ceragon Solutions

  • Ceragon Advanced Wireless Backhaul for the Smart Grid Ceragon Advanced Wireless Backhaul for the Smart Grid
    The creation of the smart grid requires construction, on an unprecedented scale, of an automated, distributed and secure control system based on a high capacity, always available, flexible communication network.
  • Ceragon ISP Solution Ceragon ISP Solution
    Ceragon's comprehensive product portfolio is designed to address all the requirements of forward-thinking Internet and business service providers. Ceragon is the leading global microwave vendor with high-quality, carrier-grade products developed and integrated in-house.
  • Ceragon Offshore Communications Solution Ceragon Offshore Communications Solution
    Ceragon is highly committed to the oil and gas industry maintaining a Center of Excellence in Norway dedicated to the research, manufacturing, training and overall business of offshore communications.
  • Ceragon Public Safety Solution Ceragon Public Safety Solution
    Today, public safety communication networks are challenged to expand their existing scope of functionality beyond what designers initially intended. With new and dynamic information flows driving the transformation of these networks, the impact on public safety communications infrastructure is clear and present.
  • Ceragon Small Cell Solution Ceragon Small Cell Solution
    Small cell sites, known as microcells, picocells, and femtocells, are set for widespread deployment in order to improve mobile data coverage. Small cells present backhauling challenges that differ from those of traditional macrocells. This application note reviews these challenges, and presents Ceragon’s family of small cell wireless backhaul systems.