Winncom Services

Wireless network design services

Point to Point Microwave

  • Radio equipment selection
    Assistance with radio equipment and accessory selection to find the correct products to provide a functional solution while meeting the needs of the client.
  • TDM
    Wireless network design services for existing and new TDM transport across point-to-point microwave links.
  • IP
    Wireless network design services for existing and new IP transport across point-to-point microwave links.
  • Combination IP / TDM
    Wireless network design services for simultaneous IP and TDM transport across point-to-point microwave links.
  • Radio type selection
    Assistance with selecting microwave equipment types (All indoor, all outdoor, split, etc.) for use in the microwave network.
  • Indoor
    Wireless network design services for all-indoor configured microwave PTP links.
  • Outdoor
    Wireless network design services for all-outdoor configured microwave PTP links.
  • Split
    Wireless network design services for split-mount configured microwave PTP links.
  • Antenna selection
    Antenna selection and assistance for microwave point-to-point links.
  • Panel
    Network design for panel style antennas in a microwave PTP link.
  • Dish
    Network design for dish style antennas in a microwave PTP link.
  • Radome considerations
    Radome design and specific considerations for antennas in a microwave PTP network.
  • Cable and accessory selection / compatibility
    Assistance and recommendations of cables and accessories to fit / match antenna and radio interfaces as well as provide appropriate cable-loss requirements, sizing, etc.
  • Wind-loading analysis and studies
    Determination of wind-loading specifications and measurements for each antenna selected.
  • Mount type selection
    Assistance with selection and recommendation of hardware mounting poles, brackets, stand-offs, and other types for use in microwave antenna & radio installation
  • Polarization
    Assistance with determining polarization benefits for each microwave PTP link.
  • Space diversity mounts
    Design assistance with microwave links to determine benefits of and mounting requirements for space diversity mounts.
  • Off-shore and other specialized mounts
    Design assistance to take into consideration mounts specific to mobile, off-shore, antenna tracking, and other specialized PTP microwave links.

Point to Multipoint Microwave

Wireless LAN Network Design

Wireless Mesh / SmartGrid / AMI Design

Advanced AMI meter / router placement based on uplink requirements

Professional Services Questionnaire

Winncom engineers hold certifications in all major industry product lines and are here to assist you with your path analyses and link calculations. Please tell us more about your proposed wireless project by filling out the form below, and our expert engineers will get back to you ASAP. Please note that an * signifies a required field.

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