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Optimizing Fiber Optic Networks Webinar with LiteLinx

July, 17
Location: Webinar

Winncom Hosted LiteLinx Webinar

Optimizing Fiber Optic Networks: Innovative Solutions for Enhanced Efficiency and Future Expansion

Join us for an enlightening discussion on optimizing your fiber optic network with LiteLinx's advanced solutions for fiber splitter boxes, patch panels, and Optical Distribution Frames (ODF).

This session will explore the latest innovations in fiber cable management, including space-saving direct feed-through of fiber bundles, modular configurations for flexible split ratios, and streamlined installation techniques.

Whether you're aiming to boost your network's efficiency, prepare for future expansions, or simplify maintenance, this session will equip you with practical knowledge and actionable strategies.

Don't miss this chance to learn from industry experts and discover how these cutting-edge solutions can revolutionize your fiber infrastructure.

This interactive panel discussion will be followed by a Q&A session, providing personalized advice and insights.

Presented by:
Alex Cernik - Fiber Product Manager, Winncom Technologies
Alex Freylekhman - VP of Sales, LiteLinx

DATE: July 17th


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