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Winncom / Nokia First Movers Webinar Series: Nevada and Louisiana

June, 13
Location: Webinar

Winncom Hosted NOKIA Webinar

Winncom / Nokia First Movers Webinar Series: Nevada and Louisiana

With Nevadaand Louisiana’s completed Volume 2's and their navigation through the challenge process, pre-registration is just around the corner.  Maximize your chance to receive BEAD funding with Winncom and Nokia’s BEAD. Gain valuable insights into timelines, expectations, scoring criteria, technology preferences, and more.

Don’t miss the deadline, learn what’s required for pre-registration along with how your state will grade applications, allocate funding, and set timelines.

In this webinar, we'll cover Nevada and Louisiana's:

  • Timeline: Explore completed phases and upcoming activities in the next 60 days, including preregistration requirements, registration portal & resources, application windows, and estimated award expectations.
  • Technology Scoring Criteria: Learn how points will be allocated for BEAD outlay, affordability, fair labor practices, speed to deployment, economic impact, broadband adoption, community support, and product compliance.
  • Key Application Requirements: Dive into technology preferences, application maximums, project area definition, disbursement of funds, and much more.
  • Winncom's Support Services: Hear about our support services that include mapping, system design, grant writing, PE Stamped drawings, Professional Services, financing, and beyond.
  • Nokia's BABA Certified Solutions: Get insights into Nokia's BABA certified solutions and how they can support your projects effectively.


Alex Cernik, Product Manager – Winncom Technologies

Alyson Moore, Marketing Strategist – Nokia

DATE:June 13, 2024