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Not Just Fiber:How the NTIA is reconsidering its fiber-focused rules for BEAD

February, 27
Location: Webinar

Winncom hosted BEAD webinar featuring Tarana: Not just Fiber - How the NTIA is reconsidering its fiber-focused rules for BEAD

During this informative webinar, we'll be discussing the following topics, and more!

    • Winncom BEAD Services: See how Winncom's BEAD Services can help you with everything from Grant Writing to Professional Engineering, to Financial Services.
    • BEAD Government Affairs & Policy:Learn how Tarana Wireless has worked with the State Broadband Offices to provide more flexible and favorable scoring for applications using non-fiber solutions.
    • Tarana Wireless Technology Deployment Tours: Hear how Tarana Wireless is working with state and local governments stakeholders by hosting live technical demonstrations showcasing the depth and breadth of CBRS. See what this means for your state!
    • Winncom BEAD Approved Solutions: Winncom is identifying your complete eco-center of BEAD approved and Unavailability Waiver registered solutions.

Presented by:

Alex Cernik - Fiber Product Manager, Winncom Technologies

Carl Guardino - VP of Government Affairs & Policy, Tarana Wireless

DATE: February 27, 2024