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Vendor Spotlight at Wispapalooza 2022

October, 5
Location: Las Vegas

Vendor Spotlight Session at Wispapalooza 2022

Winncom Technologies – Featuring Nokia and Open Broadband

** Wed October 5 / 4:30PM-5:30PM / Paris Hotel Breakout Room: Champagne 1 **

Winncom Technologies will be joined by manufacturer partner Nokia to discuss current challenges when building complex networks to bring broadband connectivity to underserved communities. What to look for, how to design and manage the project, and how to determine which products are the most beneficial for your build out.

Open Broadband will contribute to this discussion and offer a customer testimonial on a recent project working in cooperation with Winncom and Nokia.


  • Mike Cook, VP Business Development – Winncom Technologies
  • Fayyaz Patwa, Sales Engineering Leader – Nokia
  • Sunu Simon, Sales Leader Regional Accounts – Nokia
  • Kent Winrich, CTO – Open Broadband
  • Kyle Barnes, Regional Technical Manager – Winncom Technologies