SIAE: ALFOPlus2XG Q2 2024 Certified VAR Promotion

As a special promotion to our Certified VARs, SIAE MICROELETTRONICA is offering an exceptional price on a bundle package for our ALFOPlus2XG products.

SIAE: Extended Warranties Q2 2024 Certified VAR Promotion

SIAE Microelettronica’s line of microwave and millimeter wave products come standard with a one-year limited warranty. Peace of mind comes from knowing that you will be able to access these functions after the one-year warranty has expired by purchasing additional years of warranty at amazing discounts during this promotional period.

SIAE: Multi-Band (MBL) Upgrade Q2 2024 Certified VAR Promotion

SIAE Microelettronica introduces Multi-Band Link (MBL) systems, combining the ultra-high capacity of ALFOPlus80HDX radios along with the performance of the dual-carrier licensed ALFOPlus2XG radio systems.