Nomadix: 6 Months Free Nomadix Alerts with Nomadix AP Purchase

Nomadix Networks now integrates with Nomadix Alerts, with zero-cost BLE functionality on our access points. Enjoy a complimentary six-month Alerts evaluation with every access point sale. Another way to make our complete Wi-Fi solution even more attractive.

Nomadix: Buy Four, Pay for Three Wi-Fi 6 Promotion

Buy any four of the Nomadix Network eligible Wi-Fi 6 products and only pay for three plus three licenses.

Nomadix: EG Family Sales - Half Price Firewall

We are offering a new firewall promotion when you buy a new EG 1000, EG 3000L, EG 3000, or EG 6000 gateways.

Nomadix: Free Firewall Module - Nomadix AG Upgrades!

To benefit from the latest technology, we're encouraging our partners to upgrade their AG units to models in our EG portfolio, along with an attractive security bonus!

Nomadix: Upgrade AG to EG Models and Get 50% discount

To make it easy to update to our latest technology, along with full support services, take advantage of an attractive new promotion for Nomadix EG 3000 and EG 6000 models.