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Cambium Networks: Buy cnWave, Get Care Pro Package Free Promotion

We are pleased to announce a limited-time promotion to support the launch of the cnWave portfolio and offer an amazing customer experience to end users. End customers who purchased a cnWave radio (V5000, V3000, V1000) during the promotion period will receive a Cambium Care Pro Service Package Free for the first year.

Cambium Networks: CBRS Promotion - 3 GHz PMP 450 Platform

Cambium Networks is providing a special promotion to enable provider to more easily utilize the CBRS band. Do not miss this chance to upgrade your network to the fully compliant CBRS solution from Cambium Networks, featuring 3 GHz Massive Multi-User MIMO capabilities with cnMedusa™!

Cambium Networks: cnWave V3000 with Precision Bracket Promotion

Cambium Networks is announcing a limited-time promotion on the cnWave Precision Mounting Bracket to support the launch of cnWave V3000 High-Gain Radio.

Cambium Networks: PTP 850E Promotion

Cambium Networks is announcing a promotion for PTP 850E

Cambium Networks: Xirrus Cloud-Managed AP Bundle Promotions

Cambium Networks introduces 2 new promotions for cloud-managed Xirrus AP bundles at a very compelling price.

Cambium Networks: XMS-Cloud Conversion Promotion

Cambium Networks is offering an incentive promotion for customers to convert their existing XMS-Enterprise managed Xirrus installation to being managed by XMS-Cloud.