Ericsson: MINI-LINK 6600 Promotion

Ericsson MINI-LINK 6600 Promotion

Ericsson and Winncom Technologies are pleased to offer a promotional price on several 6 GHz split-mount microwave systems to help deliver solutions to the customers.

We are offering MINI-LINK 6600 systems in three configurations: 1 channel, 2 channel, and 4 channel systems. Using a 30 MHz channel as an example, these systems would be capable of delivering up to 300 Mbps, 600 Mbps, and 1.2 Gbps, respectively, over the air.

These configurations are limited to the following frequency sub-bands:
6L GHz, subband 53: 6078.5-6173.25 MHz (lower) and 6330.55-6425.3 MHz (upper)
6U GHz, subband 31: 6540-6610 MHz (lower) and 6700-6770 MHz (upper)
6U GHz, subband 32: 6597.5-6657.5 MHz (lower) and 6757.5-6817.5 MHz (upper)
6U GHz, subband 33: 6640-6701 MHz (lower) and 6800-6870 MHz (upper)

Ericsson Mini-Link 6363Each configuration comes with:

MINI-LINK 6363 radios in the appropriate number and sub-band
  - Including indoor radio cabling accessories

MINI-LINK 6694 indoor units including:
  - 2 Node Processor Units (NPUs) for NPU Protection
  - 2 Modem Units (MMUs) capable of growing to four channels
  - Redundant Power Cables and Cards
  - Ethernet Capability (SFP and cable)
  - O&M Cable

Ericsson Mini-Link 6363Licenses:
  - Transmit High Power for each radio
  - Node GUI operations
  - Capacity license of 300 Mbps per channel
  - Capacity Booster for radio link bonding (2 and 4 channel configurations)
  - Frequency Optimization for XPIC capability (2 and 4 channel configurations)
  - 2nd carrier license for modems (2 and 4 channel configurations)

Antennas are not included in these promotional prices but can be secured via the normal Ericsson Price Book to fit the engineered needs of each link.

The promotion will stay in effect while supplies last (a guarantee of at least 25 links) or until end of year 2021, whichever comes first.

For more information and Your Pricing, please contact your Winncom sales representative or 1-888-WINNCOM /

Terms and Conditions:
1. Promotion pricing is valid on orders placed between January 7th and March 31st, 2022 through Winncom Technologies.
2. Pricing is bundled for the radio link and all software licenses and cannot be separated.
3. Cannot be combined with any other programs, discounts or incentives.
4. Winncom Technologies reserves the right to terminate this promotion at any time.

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