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Baicells: Nova-436Q & Nova-227 Bundle Pack with Halo B Promotion

Take advantage of the limited-time promotion on Baicells
Nova-436Q & Nova-227 Bundle Pack with Halo B

Nova-436Q Outdoor TDD eNodeB

The Baicells Nova-436Q is a two-carrier outdoor eNodeB (eNB) that operates using standardized Long-Term Evolution (LTE) Time Division Duplexing (TDD) technology. This advanced 4x1W eNB delivers carrier aggregation (CA) across contiguous and non-contiguous channels, as defined by 3GPP. Each carrier can handle up to 20 MHz bandwidth; therefore, when aggregated the total bandwidth is 40 MHz. With Nova-436Q, you can achieve the capabilities of two eNBs with just one hardware unit. The benefits include increased capacity, better coverage, and less footprint.

* Suitable for private and public deployments
* Any IP based backhaul can be used, including public transmission
* Supports GPS synchronization
* Lower power consumption to reduce OPEX
* Plug-and-play with future self-organizing network (SON) capabilities
* IoT with most Evolved Packet Core (EPC) vendors

Nova-227 Outdoor TDD eNodeB

The Nova-227 is a unique tool for your toolbox. We have built and priced this lower power 2x250mW LTE microcell eNodeB (eNB) specifically for tightly clustered pockets of customers, coverage holes, edges of your network, or simply opportunistic micro targeting, like RV parks, marinas, and high-density dwellings like townhomes and apartments.

When paired with self-install indoor user equipment (UE), such customer sets can be captured quickly and with a near immediate ROI. For private network operators, this microcell is perfect for clusters of cameras and other devices, such as at traffic intersections.

* Supports standard LTE TDD bands 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, and 48
* Compact, all-in-one design of internal antenna and integrated GPS, suitable for private and public deployments
* Any IP based backhaul can be used, including public transmission
* Lower power consumption to reduce OPEX
* PoE+ power supply; only one Ethernet cable required for data transmission and power supply
* IoT with most EPC vendors
* Excellent NLOS coverage performance
* Max throughput of 112 Mbps DL, 20 Mbps UL with 20 MHz spectrum
* 96 concurrent users

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Terms & Conditions
- Promotion is valid on all orders placed between January 31st 2020 thru June 30th 2020
- Pricing is bundled for the radio link and all software upgrades and cannot be separated
- Extra discounts/ other promotions cannot be combined on this promotion

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