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Baicells: Trade-Up Gen1 to Gen2/CBRS CPE Promotion

Take advantage of the Baicells Gen1 to Gen2 CPE Promotion!

For a limited time, you can trade up Baicells Gen1 CPEs and get a special discount on the new Gen2/CBRS CPEs.

Here are the steps that the customer shall take to get an approval from Baicells for the trade-up:

- Submit an on request via, which will then assign an internal request.

- During the Baicells Trade-Up request process, the client will elect on the on-line submission form, which distributor they would like to purchase the trade-up units from.

- The qualifying CPEs for the trade-up: EG7035, CW0100, CN6671.

- Once this information is completed and submitted, it will come across as a ticket to Baicells support team and Baicells Account Managers.

- Baicells will review information the customer provided (serial numbers and proof of purchase), if and upon approval; the client will receive by e-mail the Baicells Trade Up Authorization (BTA) number.

- Baicells will send the Baicells Trade Up Authorization (BTA) code to selected distributor to issue a quote for trade-Up order(s).

- Distributors must have authorization code referenced in the quote to the client and noted in its monthly vendor PoS reports.

- The customer will reach out to the chosen distributor with the information to purchase the units at the Trade-Up price.

- The customer will send a PO to chosen distributor for the total amount of trade in UEs at 50% off MSRP.

- This program expires August 31st 2020.

Eligible CPEs that qualify to be purchased for trade-up (3.5GHz gear Only):
EG7035E-M11, EG7035L-M11, EG7010A-M11, EG7010C-M11, EG2013B-M11, EG2030C-M11

For more information, please contact Winncom Technologies 1-888-WINNCOM or