RADWIN: NEO Starter Kit Promotion


NEO-series Starter Kit Promotion:

Buy 10 SU-AIR 500Mbps SUs and

Get 1 NEO 750Mbps Base Station FREE!


Buy 15 SU-AIR 500Mbps SUs and
Get 1 NEO DUO 1.5Gbps Dual Carrier BS FREE!

If you’re a broadband service provider, new to RADWIN, and looking to deliver high-capacity fiber-like services, we would like to introduce you to RADWIN’s “NEO Series Starter Kit”.

NEO offers best-in-class PtMP beamforming base stations and subscriber units that facilitate Work from Home (WFH), remote schooling, and other applications - at an extremely low price!

To expedite services with the NEO Series, the Starter Kit includes a two-hour, one-on-one consulting session, with a RADWIN Professional Services Manager.

RADWIN NEO base station series and SU AIR subscriber units change the quality versus price paradigm by providing highest service reliability and capacity at a bargain price. The NEO Series of base stations includes an advanced bidirectional beamforming antenna that serves up to 128 customers.

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Please review the Starter Kit terms and conditions:
- Valid for broadband service providers who have not purchased RADWIN products within the last 24 months.
- Can be utilized once only, per qualified broadband service provider.
- Relevant for ETSI, UNI, FCC, and IC products only.
- Valid with RADWIN approved Starter Kit code only.
- If the Starter Kit request is approved, a code will be provided to the end-user for presentation to the reseller/distributor.
- RADWIN reserves the right to disqualify any request if any of the data provided is misleading.
- Promotion is limited to 100 Starter Kits only!

Qualifying Starter Kit part numbers:
NEO DUO: RW-5AG5-0L50 (FCC), RW-5AG5-1L54 (IC), RW-5AG5-2L54 (ETSI), RW-5AG5-9L54 (UNI)
NEO: RW-5AG5-0850 (FCC), RW-5AG5-1854 (IC), RW-5AG5-2854 (ETSI), RW-5AG5-9854 (UNI)
SU AIR 500Mbps Integrated (22dBi antenna): RW-5HC5-0A58 (FCC), RW-5HC5-1A54 (IC), RW-5HC5-2A54 (ETSI), RW-5HC5-9A50 (UNI)
SU AIR 500Mbps Connectorized: RW-5CC5-0A58 (FCC), RW-5CC5-1A54 (IC), RW-5CC5-2A54 (ETSI), RW-5CC5-9A50 (UNI)

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