RADWIN: JET DUO Trade-in Promotion

RADWIN Trade-in  Promo

JET DUO is a dual carrier 1.5Gbps Base Station with the industry’s best beamforming antenna & unique PrimeCarrier capabilities that assure an excellent customer experience!

Trade-in JET PRO for JET DUO and Get $2,000 discount

Trade-in JET AIR for JET DUO and Get $1,000 discount

Please click Here to register for the program.

The promotion is valid through June 30th, 2023.

Trade-in promotion terms and conditions:
- This trade-in program is relevant for RADWIN customers that have purchased JET PRO and JET AIR base stations.
- The trade-in program is not limited in quantity and applicable for all the JET-PRO and JET-AIR installed base.
- For each request the unique serial number of the existing product you want to trade in needs to be provided.
- The trade-in program is appliable only for customers. The person completing this form should be an employee of the requesting company.
- If a reseller completes this form for a customer, all contact information provided must be those of the customer.
- The trade-in program is valid with RADWIN-approved promotion code only. If your request is approved, a code will be provided to the end-user for presentation to the reseller.
- The product you wish to trade in needs to be returned to RADWIN distributor within a 90-day period after the new DUO unit is shipped. The refund will be provided when an invoice is issued.
- If the trade-in unit is not returned within 90 days, the discount will be canceled.
- Returned units should be operational (not broken)
- RADWIN reserves the right to disqualify any request if the data provided is misleading in any way.
- This promotion will run until June 30th, 2023.
- Promo available in North America.