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Cambium Networks: XMS-Cloud Conversion Promotion

XMS-Cloud Conversion Promotion

XMS-Cloud offers a number of advantages to customers, including the elimination of on-site server infrastructure, automated software updates, superior scalability for large installations, and more. In addition, new Cambium Wi-Fi 6 solutions are supported by XMS-Cloud but not XMS-Enterprise. Based on the above, it is desirable for many customers to transition to XMS-Cloud.

Cambium Networks is offering an incentive promotion for customers to convert their existing XMS-Enterprise managed Xirrus installation to being managed by XMS-Cloud. The offer is as follows:

Convert XMS-Enterprise to XMS-Cloud with either a 1-year or 3-year cloud subscription. (The 5-year XMS-Cloud subscription is not eligible for the promotion.)

Pay the same for the XMS-Cloud subscription as for the XMS-Enterprise + AP HW and SW Support renewal for the same 1- or 3-year renewal term.

• The Support renewal quote must include both AP HW and SW Support even if the customer is currently not paying for both.

• EasyPass Access Services are included at no extra charge in the conversion price.

Effective Date: July 8, 2020
End Date: December 31, 2020

Customer will realize the following benefits when converting from XMS-Enterprise to XMS-Cloud:

Single Console for Cloud Networking Services
• Zero-touch provisioning
• Wi-Fi and Switch management (cnMatrix in Q3 2020 in XMS-Cloud)
• EasyPass access services

Eliminate On-Site Maintenance
• No server or VM infrastructure maintenance
• No manual software upgrades; all upgrades are automated
• Faster access to new features and fixes; cloud releases every 6 weeks

Infinite and Transparent System Scalability
• No need to upgrade server as APs and clients are added to the network
• Superior performance for large installations

Cloud License Includes All AP and XMS-Cloud Support
• Premium Software Support included providing all software upgrades for APs and XMS
• Premium Hardware Support included providing advanced replacement on APs

Exclusive Cloud Functionality
• Streamlined user interface
• Geographical map integration
• SMS integration for notifications
• SSO integration with Azure/Google/SAML for admin accounts
• CommandCenter multi-tenant provisioning
• EasyPass integrated in the user interface
• Client Health Scores with forensic analysis
• Integrated analytics – client dwell time, visitor counts
• Third-party integration with MDM, Content Filtering, SMS, and user monitoring applications

Promotion Process:

a. At the time of XMS-Enterprise support renewal quotes, the Cambium Renewals Team will provide the End Customer information about the XMS-Cloud Conversion Promotion as appropriate.

b. If requested at the time of XMS-Enterprise support renewal OR per requests to, the Cambium Renewals Team will provide an XMS conversion quote and a related Price Exception will be created. A conversion request for a quote must include:
• End customer name
• Distributor name
• Partner name
• Partner contact name/email/phone
• List of asset/AP serial numbers to move from XMS-Enterprise to XMS-Cloud. It is preferred that this is provided from the end customer to ensure accuracy. If necessary, the Asset/APs list can be pulled from customer records by the Cambium Renewals Team.

c. Serial numbers of asset/APs to be converted must be agreed upon prior to the quote, and this offer is available only for conversion of all APs managed by a given instance of XMS-Enterprise.

d. The Cambium Renewals Team will create a quote and provide it to the channel partner who can then quote the end customer.

e. Referencing the provided quote from the Renewals Team, the distributor enters an order into NetSuite. The distributor must enter the QUOTE NUMBER from the conversion quote provided by the Renewals Team into the Renewal Quote ID field when entering the order.

g. The XMS-Cloud instance is provisioned automatically after order fulfillment.

f. Once the order is approved, the Cambium Renewals Team will send the distributor an email including acknowledgement of the order, a link to the Support Knowledge Base article with instructions on the conversion, and contact information for Cambium Support in the case the end customer needs assistance to perform the conversion. Either the distributor or VAR can pass this communication to the end customer.

g. The end customer executes the conversion steps per the Knowledge Base Article and/or with assistance from Cambium Support to migrate configuration of the APs from Enterprise to Cloud and direct the APs to the Cloud. Once APs are rebooted, then they are auto-discovered into the new Cloud instance.

h. If an issue is encountered or the end customer cannot finish the conversion of their APs to Cloud, the end customer can open a ticket with Cambium Support for assistance.

Terms and Conditions:
• Promotional XMS-Cloud subscription pricing provided by this offer is available only for conversion of existing Xirrus APs managed by XMS-Enterprise. It is not applicable for new or technology refresh AP purchases.
• Future Cambium cloud subscription purchases for converted APs may be priced with a max 20% increase, if applicable, to the promotional rate for each subsequent renewal of the same term up to the point where the renewal price is equal to normal subscription pricing.
• Offer is available only for conversion of all APs managed by a given instance of XMS-Enterprise, not for a partial conversion.
• Offer cannot be stacked with other promotions or deal registrations.

For more information, please contact Winncom Technologies: 1-888-WINNCOM or

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