Proxim Wireless Partner Program

Winncom Technologies and Proxim Wireless have been partners since the early 90’s and have carried this fruitful relationship to the new century. Winncom is an authorized international distributor of the Proxim Wireless product line. We are pleased to extend our services to VARS/resellers anywhere in the United States and abroad, and would like to assure you that we are here for you to provide excellent customer service, superior technical support and customized wireless solutions. 


Partner Benefits Wireless Gold Platinum
Annual Revenue Attainment Requirement N/A 75000 150000
Primary Distributor of Choice Y Y Y
Partner Rebate - Y Y
Channel Instant Rebates Y Y Y
Partner Exclusive Incentive Programs Y Y Y
Project Registration Deal Protection from competing Proxim VARs for the same project.
  No Minimum Revenue required to receive dedicated support from Proxim Regional Sales Management (RSM) and System Engineer (SE) teams.
  A minimum of MSRP $15,000 in project value is required to be considered for pricing discounts.
Leads - Y Y
MDF (proposal based) - Y Y
Demo Kit - 50% Off on hardware Y Y Y
Access to Partner Extranet Y Y Y
Partner Newsletter Y Y Y
Joint Press Releases Y Y Y
Educational Webinars Y Y Y
On-site Sales Training Y Y Y
Fee Based Priority Repair Program Y Y Y
Priority Telephone Support line - - Y
Number of Proxim Certified Engineers - 1 2


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