SIAE: Multi-Band (MBL) Upgrade Q2 2024 Certified VAR Promotion

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Multi-Band (MBL) Upgrade Bundles!

Introducing Multi-Band Links

With network densification, the explosive growth of IOT devices and more streaming content, service providers and enterprise users are looking to 10 Gbps pipes to handle the exponential growth for internet bandwidth. SIAE Microelettronica introduces our Multi-Band Link (MBL) systems, combining the ultra-high capacity of our ALFOPlus80HDX radios along with the performance of our dual-carrier licensed ALFOPlus2XG radio systems. With MBL, service providers and network operators can deliver 10 Gbps services with the assurances of microwave link availability. This effectively allows the user to extend e-band distances to several miles or upgrade existing microwave links to 10 Gbps capabilities. Unlike other MW/80GHz combo solutions where the MW radio fails over upon an e-band fading event, SIAE Microelettronica’s MBL solution uses Layer1 aggregation to allow the microwave radio to augment the e-band radio capacity, simplifying the network configuration.

Tarana(tm) ngFWA systems provide the high bandwidth access to the end user, but what about the backhaul to the network core? SIAE Microelettronica Multi-Band Link (MBL) soluition is perfect for backhaul of these new Tarana(tm) ngFWA systems. With SIAE, you have the choice to go all in at 10Gbps from the start, or to upgrade to 10Gbps as your network expands.

Q2 2024 Certified VAR Promotion

As a SIAE Certified VAR, we are extending very aggressive promo pricing on these radios to give you the tools to maximize your profits by selling best performing products on the market today!

Ideal for existing networks currently deployed using our ALFOPlus2/XG radios where additional capacity is required. Typically, these links are running at 1Gbps+. With the addition of our MBL upgrade, you get the eband link, antennas, interconnect SFPs and cables and the capacity and ACM upgrades in one convenient bundle. Start off with the AP2/XG microwave system and expand capacity over the link in the future. SIAE Microelettronica makes it easy, simple and affordable for you to add capacity onto your existing backhaul links with this MBL upgrade bundle. With this promotion you and your customers will have the peace of mind knowing that you are not only buying one of the most carrier proven microwave products on the market today, but you also have the confidence with a fully supported product, company stability, carrier proven quality, superior performance, and a team that will be here long after the sale is completed.

Make the change to SIAE and experience why millions of customers count on SIAE every day…a company that has been providing solutions for 72 years.

Multi-Band Upgrade Options:

MBL80HDXUPG-12 - MBL Upgrade Bundle with (2) 1ft 80 GHz Antennas

MBL80HDXUPG-24 - MBL Upgrade Bundle with (2) 2ft 80 GHz Antennas

Please contact Winncom Technologies for Your pricing.

MBL bundle includes: High Band TX and Low Band TX 80 GHz Outdoor Units, Waterproof RJ45 Connectors & Glands, ODU Grounding Kits, Pointing Cables and Antenna Installation Kits. Also includes: (2) 1ft or (2) 2ft antennas, 2.5Gbps SFPs and interconnect cables as well as 10Gbps and ACM upgrades.
Additional accessories such as power supplies, POE injectors, 10Gb fiber cables, etc. are not included in this bundle and can be purchased from your distributor at your Certified VAR discount level.

Q2 2024 MBL Certified VAR Promo Terms and Conditions
1) Promotion is valid on orders placed between April 1 thru June 30, 2024 through authorized SIAE North American distributors and will not be extended beyond June 30, 2024.
2) Pricing is bundled for the radio link, antennas, SFPs and interconnect cables and all software upgrades and cannot be separated.
3) Pricing provided under this promotion is only valid to SIAE approved Certified VARs and upon approval of deal registration by SIAE.
Certified VARs must register the opportunity with their regional sales manager (RSM) or distributor for approval and acceptance
by SIAE.
4) Valid for new, standard SIAE ALFOPlus80HDX radio systems.
5) Cannot be combined with any other programs, discounts or incentives. As the products in this promotion are significantly discounted, the standard discounts given to Certified or Platinum VARs are not applicable to sales of products under this promotion.
6) Sales must be validated by distributor's POS report showing customer name.
7) SIAE reserves the right to terminate this program at any time.

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