Bundle up Baicells Low Gain CPE with KP Performance Reflectors

Increase performance by pairing

KP Reflectors with Baicells Low Gain CPE

KP + Baicells Bundle

Baicells partners with leading manufacturers to cultivate increased value across product lines.

KP’s reflector dish with Baicells CPEs is a cost-effective solution whose high gain and narrow beamwidth is ideal for dense foliage deployments.
Easily and securely mount the Baicells CPEs on existing KP reflector dishes to boost CINR, SINR and increase F/B ratio to mitigate interference.

Improve signal strength by 8-10dBi, improving throughput in point-to-multipoint LOS and NLOS installations.

Use KP’s mount for the Baicells ATOM UE radios to repurpose your existing KP reflectors regardless of frequency and minimize investment.

Simply change out the radio and mount to replace your old CPE with BaiCells CAT4 2.5GHz EG7035L-M1 and 3.5GHz EG7035L-M11 or CAT6 3.5GHz EG7010C-M11.

The reflectors are available in two sizes:
KP-DK-ATOMGEN2-V2 - Standard size with mounts
KP-DK-LD-ATOMGEN2-V2 - Large size with mounts

For more information and your pricing please contact Winncom Technologies: 1-888-WINNCOM or sales@winncom.com.

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