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Redline: RDL-3000 TVWS Bundle Promotion

Take advantage of the limited-time promotion on
Redline RDL-3000 TVWS Bundle

TV White Space (TVWS) represents a unique opportunity to supplement existing unlicensed Line of Site spectrum by taking advantage of unlicensed spectrum capable of true Non-Line of Site (NLOS). Secure a full Redline TVWS bundle at a reduced price to get started today!


Each TVWS Bundle contains:
- 1x 3K-SC-RF470698-GPS-04, RDL-3000 XP Ellipse Base Station / Sector Controller, 470-698MHz UHF TVWS with GPS, RF 2x N(f), 10/100Base-T 1x RJ-45 with weatherproof gland, GPS antenna 1x TNC(f)
- 1x RDL-3000 XP Ellipse License Key supporting maximum remotes and maximum Mbps
- 1x FlexAccess BS Annual Fee TVWS WSDB Access, US deployment only
- 6x ENT-CPE-470698RF-D1, RDL-3000 Enterprise XP RF CPE 470-698MHz UHF TVWS with 2x RF N(f), mounting bracket, RJ45 gland and AC-PoE
- 6x RDL-3000 Enterprise License Key supporting unlimited Mbps
- 6x FlexAccess CPE Annual Fee TVWS WSDB Access, US deployment only

Add-on Options to include:
- MT006S11VH/RB, MTI Base Station TVWS 90 degree Sector Dual Polarity Antenna, 470-700MHz, 11 dBi
- Base Stations Accessories: PoE, Power Cord, Surge Arrestor, Cables, Mounting Bracket
- MT006D07VH/RB, MTI CPE TVWS Directional Dual Polarity Antenna, 470-700MHz, 8 dBi
- MT006D11VH/RB, MTI CPE TVWS Directional Dual Polarity Antenna, 470-700MHz, 11 dBi
- CPE Accessories: PoE, Power Cord, Surge Arrestor, Cables, Mounting Bracket

The Ellipse Base Station manages all security, traffic scheduling and Quality of Service (QoS) functions for up to 120 Ellipse outdoor wireless subscribers. This highly configurable wireless system features powerful processing capabilities to reliably transport any mix of wireless traffic between the base station and multiple remote sites.

In TV Whitespaces (TVWS) regulated regions, the Ellipse `cognitive radio' efficiently employs dynamic resource allocation technology to access shared spectrum (channels). Based on regional regulations, up to 10 additional non TVWS channels may be available to deliver higher throughputs or avoid local interference. The systems ability to provide excellent coverage through dense foliage and over water enables reliable economic access to areas where it would be impractical using higher band systems.

Superior performance allows use of lower antenna heights that can significantly reduce deployment costs. Flexible mounting options and full over-the-air provisioning further lowers upfront costs to yield faster ROI.

For more information and Your pricing please contact Winncom Technologies 1-888-WINNCOM or

Terms & Conditions
- The promotion is valid until September 30th, 2020.
- Pricing is bundled for the TVWS budnle and cannot be separated
- Extra discounts/ other promotions cannot be combined on this promotion
- Limited time offer, while supplies last.

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