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Siklu: EH-2500FX ExtendMM Special Promotion

Boost your existing microwave link capacity and range
with Siklu’s ground-breaking ExtendMM™ Multi-Gigabit Pomotion


The EtherHaul™ 2500FX, Siklu’s leading mmWave 2Gbps link, is now being offered with a dual band (70/80GHz+5GHz) antenna, Free ExtendMM™ license and a 5GHz backup link all for $4200! When combined with a 5GHz backup link ranges as far as 15km can be supported.

The EH-2500FX provides 2Gbps full-duplex capacity with extended range and high frequency re-use for accelerating broadband deployment in urban, suburban or rural areas. The carrier grade radio delivers wireless fiber performance, reliability and throughput, with low CAPEX.

Each long range EH-2500FX Point-to-Point link comprises:

For more information and Your pricing please contact Winncom Technologies: 1-888-WINNCOM or

• This promotion is valid till June 30th, 2020.
• No limit on number of links.
• The promo is valid for the bundle link only: No special discount will apply on the ODU if not purchased with the full bundle components.

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