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Cambium Networks: cnWave V3000 with Precision Bracket Promotion

Buy cnWave V3000 with Precision Bracket and Get a $50.00 Rebate!

cnWave V3000

Cambium Networks is announcing a limited-time promotion on the cnWave Precision Mounting Bracket to support the launch of cnWave V3000 High-Gain Radio.

End customers who order cnWave V3000 with Precision Mounting Bracket on a single PO, will receive a $50.00 rebate.

Cambium Networks’ 60 GHz cnWave is based on the 802.11ay standard with Mesh support and is Facebook Terragraph certified. The solution provides easy, fast, and cost-effective wireless multi-gigabit connectivity with significantly lower TCO than fiber infrastructure. The product can be used for fixed wireless access, backhaul for small cell or Wi-Fi access, video surveillance, and smart city initiatives.

cnWave V3000 Quick Look:
• Supports 57 to 66 GHz
• Up to 3.8 Gbps (1.9 Gbps UL + 1.9 Gbps DL)
• Auto beamforming with 4° in azimuth, 2° in elevation
• Hardware ready for channel bonding, double the capacity in future with firmware upgrade
• Easy installation with auto-beamforming
• Low latency < 1 ms

cnWave V3000 Bracket

The Precision Mounting Bracket is used to mount the cnWave V3000 Client Node on a vertical pole, providing fine adjustment up to 18° in azimuth and +/-30° in elevation for accurate alignment of the V3000. The Precision Bracket is compatible with pole diameters in the range 25 mm to 80 mm (1.0 inches to 3.1 inches).

Promo Code: V3000PRE

Offer expires March 31, 2021.

Part Numbers Eligible for Promotion:

C600500C024A - 60GHz cnWave V3000 Client Node Radio Only
C600500D001A - 60GHz cnWave V3000 Client Node Antenna Assembly
C000000L125A - cnWave Precision Mounting Bracket for V3000

Terms and Conditions:
• The cnWave V3000 Radio and Precision Mounting Bracket MUST be included on the same end user PO with the same quantity.
• All orders must be placed between September 9, 2020, to March 31, 2021.
• This promotion is for a limited time and can be ended by Cambium Networks at any time without further notice.
• The promotion cannot be combined with any other promotions, volume purchase agreements, or other customer spending agreements.

For more information, please contact Winncom Technologies: 1-888-WINNCOM or

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