Firetide HotFusion Partner Program

Firetide is uniquely positioned to provide you and your customers with innovative private wireless broadband solutions for cities, transportation, industrial and service provider applications. Our global reseller community is fundamental to Firetide’s business and we are 100% committed to our partners’ success with Firetide solutions.

Firetide’s 10,000 installations across the globe in many of the world’s largest cities, ports, airports, transits and factories, demonstrate how you can have confidence in recommending Firetide to your customers. Firetide continues to invest in and advance the capabilities of our AutoMesh technology and we ensure that our partners are fully trained on the most current products and advantages.

Firetide’s HotFusion Partner Program is designed to help you effectively specify, design and install Firetide private wireless broadband solutions. Your role in the successful delivery and deployment of our solutions to our mutual end customers is critical. We are committed to your success through the multi-level Firetide HotFusion Partner Program. The program provides access to technology-leading wireless broadband solutions, training, technical resources, marketing and sales tools that help you to drive sales in current and new markets.

Why partner with Firetide?

- Leader in next-generation wireless mesh networking

- Highly reliable, redundant solutions

- Ease of deployment

- Profitable growth

- Proven track record globally, 10,000 customers in 40 countries

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