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9dot: GigaSync and LiteSync Promotion

For a limited time, purchase 9dot GigaSync or LiteSync and Save 50%!

GigaSync Base Unit

GigaSync is designed to power every kind of devices by Power over Ethernet standard or directly by bipolar terminal blocks.

The Base Unit can handle up to 3 different Cartridges, up to 12 outputs ports.

Power Source can be different in voltage and belongs to many power supplies.

- 2 input terminal blocks for each cartridge
- input voltage presence led indicator for each input terminal block
- Cambium uGPS power out on Sync In port
- USB console port

LiteSync - Gigabit 2 Ports PoE Injector with Cambium Sync

High Power Gigabit PoE Injector
2 Gigabit Power over Ethernet ports, up to 3A (150W @ 50V) load on each port.

Cambium Sync
LiteSync injects the Cambium Sync pulse and it's compatible with Cambium Core connected device such as 450m and 450i.

Integrated GPS and Sync-IN port
Sync pulse can be generated by the integrated GPS or aquired by an external sync source (GigaSync, CMM5, UGPS).

Multi PoE port mapping 9.KEY
Compatible with every kind of PoE device. Pinout is defined by hardware key.

Short Circuit and Surge Protection
Devices connected are protected against short circuits, electrostatic surge and electric shocks. The combination of different types of dischargers maximizes efficiency and reduces action time.

Terms and Conditions:
• All orders for this promotion must be placed by May 31, 2020.
• This promotion is for a limited time and can be ended by 9dot or Winncom Technlogies at any time without further notice.

Please contact Winncom Technologies, the only 9dot US distributor, for this phenomenal deal: 1-888-WINNCOM or

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