Siklu: MultiHaul TG 265 Promotion

Siklu MultiHaul TG 265 Promotion

Take advantage of the special pricing offer for Siklu MultiHaul TG N265 and TG T265 products.

Qualifying Product SKUs:

- MH-N265-CCP-PoE-MWB - MultiHaul™ TG Node, 90°, 3800Mbps, 1xRJ-45 10GE & 1xRJ-45 1GE & 1 SFP+ 10GE, Mounting Kit included, IP-67, White

- MH-T265-CCP-PoE-MWB - MultiHaul™ TG TU, 90°, 1000Mbps, 2xRJ-45 & 1xSFP+, MK & PoE injector included, IP-67, White

- AX-IN-10G-60W-AC-PoE-US - PoE Injector 60W, 10Gbps, 100-240 AC source, US AC cable

Limited time promotion, offer valid while supplies last Only!

Pricing available to Siklu certified Service providers and System Integrators Only!

MULTIHAUL™ TG NODE N265 - Scalable Options in Terragraph deployments

The MultiHaul™ TG system marks the release of Siklu's 3rd generation point to multipoint 60GHz products, this one with Terragraph certification. The solution consists of Nodes operating over millimetre waves in a redundant mesh topology which connect a suite of Terminal Units (TU). The MultiHaul TG family of products brings the advantages of mmWave spectrum - multi-gigabit capacity, immunity to interference and massive amounts of available spectrum - to an easy to deploy solution with the addition of L2 SDN mesh, enabled by Siklu's SmartHaul[tm] NMS with the Runner subsystem, for stress-free coverage extension and multi-path reliability. MultiHaul TG Node N265 is an additional Node option when either significant vertical tilt adjustment or a focused 90° coverage are required.

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Terms & Conditions
• This promotion is available for the eligible SKUs above only.
• This promotion is for a limited time from March 7th through June 30th, 2023 and can be ended by Siklu at any time without further notice.
No Mimimum order quantity.
• Available in North and South America only.

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