Cambium Networks: Bring a Friend New WISP Referral Program

Cambium Networks is extending the WISP Referral Program:

Bring a Friend!

The Bring a Friend program provides motivation and incentive for current WISPs using ePMP™ products to refer a NEW WISP that is NOT currently using Cambium Networks’ ePMP products.


• For the REFERRING WISP, this is an opportunity to get a new Access Point free of charge.

• For the NEW WISP, this is an introduction to the Cambium Networks’ portfolio with free online training and certification.

Thousands of WISPs around the world have discovered the performance, scalability, and affordability of the Cambium Networks ePMP™ portfolio. Now with the Bring A Friend WISP Referral Program, it’s easier and more lucrative than ever for current WISPs using Cambium Networks to tell their friends and peers about the investment protection and low total cost of ownership that is achievable. If you are a current WISP using Cambium Networks access products in your network and refer a new WISP to your Cambium reseller, then you can receive free-of-charge equipment when the new WISP buys their first set of equipment. Here is how it works:

1. Current WISPs tell all their peers and colleagues in the WISP industry about the success they have had deploying Cambium Products.

2. When one of these NEW WISPs (new to Cambium Networks) purchases and deploys their first access point (or 12 SMs if deploying primarily PTP links) and passes the online certification test, the REFERRING WISP (the WISP making the introduction) gets a free access point.

1. New WISP buys an ePMP 3000 AP + 4x4 sector antenna = Referring WISP gets ePMP 3000 AP + 4x4 sector
2. New WISP buys an ePMP 3000L AP + 2x2 sector antenna = Referring WISP gets ePMP 3000L AP + 2x2 sector
3. New WISP buys 2 x (ePMP 3000L AP + 2x2 sector) = Referring WISP gets full ePMP 3000 AP + 4x4 sector

Expiration Date: December 31, 2022.

The New WISP also receives access to Cambium Learning and a coupon for taking the ePMP certification test at no charge. The Bring a Friend New WISP Referral Program is extended through the end of 2022!

Promotion Process:
• All “Bring a Friend” referrals must be registered on the Cambium Website at:
  o The registration page asks for the name and contact information of the NEW WISP and the name and contact information of the REFERRING WISP (the WISP making the new introduction).
  o Upon registration, the NEW WISP will receive information about the ePMP or PMP products, an invitation to join the Cambium Community, and a coupon to take the ePMP certification exam online at no cost.
• In order for the Price Exception to be approved:
  o Cambium will confirm that the NEW or REFERRING WISP has registered the referral.
  o The Distributor can offer the NEW WISP a maximum discount up to standard MDP and fulfill the order as usual.
    - Qualifying orders must include at least one AP and one sector antenna (or a minimum of 12 SMs if the WISP is deploying primarily PTP links). The AP can be either an ePMP 2000 or ePMP 3000.
    - Any additional incentive or discount up to MDP is NOT reimbursed by Cambium.
  o After the order has shipped and the NEW WISP has taken delivery and deployed of their new AP, enter a Price Estimate (PE) for the REFERRING WISP that has referred a NEW WISP.
    - Check the box indicating that this estimate is a Promotion.
    - In the Price Estimate justification field enter the following information:
      • Promotion: Bring a Friend WISP Referral
      • REFERRING WISP: Contact Name, Phone Number, and Email Address
      • NEW WISP: Contact Name, Phone Number, and Email Address
      • The POS invoice number for the NEW WISP’s purchase or other evidence of the new deployment.
    - Distributor requests a 100% discount on an ePMP 3000 or ePMP 3000L Access Point and Sector Antenna (model numbers above) for the REFERRING WISP incentive.
  o AFTER receiving approval on the PE, Distributor fulfills orders to the REFERRING WISP.
  o The Distributor must report BOTH transactions as normal via POS for rebate credit for the AP and antenna provided to the REFERRING WISP. The Distributor will be reimbursed their purchase price of the equipment 10% to contribute to shipping, taxes, and import duties. Any additional costs above this are the responsibility of the Distributor.
• Cambium Networks will:
  o Respond to the initial registration on the web page by sending an invite to the new WISP including the coupon for the no-charge certification test and invitation to join the community and post a picture of their new Access Point installation.
  o Review the price estimate and confirm all data (contact information and names of REFERRING and NEW WISP) is entered and either approve or deny the price estimate.
  o Register the referral on the website.
  o Refer the NEW WISP along with their contact name and email address to their Cambium Reseller or Cambium Sales Manager.
  o When approved, place their order for a no-charge AP and Sector from the list above.
• NEW WISPs simply:
  o Place an initial order for ePMP equipment (ePMP 3000 AP, ePMP 2000 AP, or 12 SMs) through their Cambium Distributor.
  o Watch for the welcome email containing the online certification training coupon code and further information about Cambium Networks.

For more information, please contact your Winncom Technologies sales representative or: 1-888-WINNCOM /

Terms and Conditions:
• A WISP is considered to be a NEW WISP under the following criteria:
  - An actively operating WISP that has not purchased any Cambium equipment for the previous 24 months.
  - Not a current user of Cambium Networks equipment.
  - Not directly affiliated or a subsidiary of an existing Cambium Networks WISP.
• Cambium reserves the right to approve or reject any request under this program at its own discretion.
• Cambium may terminate this program at any time without notice.
• No additional discount, rebate, or credit is provided to the Distributor for the transaction to the NEW WISP.

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