Cambium Networks: Cambium Fiber Limited Time Introductory Offer

Cambium Fiber Limited Time Introductory Offer

Fiber OLTCambium Networks announces a special limited-time offer for new end users of the Cambium Fiber solution. For a limited time and for a limited quantity, Cambium is offering a special introductory price for a Cambium Fiber kit described below. The offer is limited to one introductory kit per end customer / operator.

Cambium Networks recently announced the new Fiber solution that brings new levels of simplicity and latest generation performance (GPON, XGS-PON, and ComboPON) to service providers deploying high-speed connectivity. As an incentive to those operators who jump on board quickly, Cambium is offering a special limited-time introductory offer for a specific set of Cambium Fiber equipment.

This special offer provides a significant discount on your first Fiber purchase of: Fiber ONT

• One or more (1) 8-Port OLT OR 16-Port OLT with 2 power supplies

• Two (2) Downlink PON Transceivers (choose ComboPON, XGS-PON, or GPON)

• Up to one hundred (100) Indoor ONTs (choose GPON, XGS-PON, or a combination)

• Ninety-day (90-day) cnMaestro PON subscription

Additional accessories, ONTs, and OLTs are purchased at standard price.

Cambium has made only a limited quantity of these specially priced kits available, so act fast to take advantage of this offer. Reach out to your Cambium sales representative or your channel partner or more information or visit this web page to register your interest:

Part Numbers Eligible for Program:

TCX08-0A00 - OLT, Combo PON, 8 Port, no Power Supply
PSU-OLT-AC-0A - Power Supply, 110/220 VAC 250W, OLT Module
PSU-OLT-DC-0A - Power Supply, -48 VDC 250W, OLT Module
N000900L040A - AC line cord, US Type B, 1.2m C13 connector
N000900L041A - AC line cord, EU Type F angled, 1.2m C13 connector
N000900L045A - AC line cord, UK Type G angled, 1.2m C13 connector
SFP-CMB-CP-0A - Combo PON, Class C+/N2, SFP OLT Transceiver
SFP-XGS-CP-0A - XGS-PON, Class N2, SFP OLT Transceiver
SFP-GPN-CP-0A - GPON, Class C+, SFP OLT Transceiver
SGX00-0A01 - ONT GPON, Indoor, US power supply
SGX00-0A02 - ONT GPON, Indoor, EU power supply
SGX00-0A03 - ONT GPON, Indoor, UK power supply
SGX00-0A00 - ONT GPON, Indoor, no power supply
SXX00-0A01 - ONT XGS-PON, Indoor, US power supply
SXX00-0A02 - ONT XGS-PON, Indoor, EU power supply
SXX00-0A03 - ONT XGS-PON, Indoor, UK power supply
SXX00-0A00 - ONT XGS-PON, Indoor, no power supply

For more information and Your pricing, please contact your Winncom Technologies sales representative or: 1-888-WINNCOM /

Promotion Process:
• The Service Provider customer starts the process by registering intent to participate in this program at:
• Upon registration, the Service Provider will be contacted by a Cambium Networks salesperson to review the program and confirm that the service provider is a net new Cambium Fiber customer and within the approved sales regions for this offer. This will be validated by POS records and/or conversation with the customer.
• After validating that the Service Provider is eligible for the introductory offer, the Cambium salesperson or Distributor representative will enter a PE for the Service Provider’s preferred Distributor.
• The PE must show each of the items at the discount listed in the table in Section 4 and at the specified quantities (must include 1 OLT, 2 Power Supplies, 2 PON Transceivers, and up to 100 ONTs).
• After the PE is fully approved, the Distributor fulfills the order for the Cambium hardware at the discounted price. The equipment in the starter kit must all be on the same PE and ship to the same Service Provider in POS reports.
• PE must be approved before the order to the Service Provider is fulfilled.
• Select Promotion under the PE Classification field and Special Pricing applies to the Advanced Partner/Distributor.
• PE must be dated during the promotion effective dates.

Terms and Conditions:
• This program is available for the eligible SKUs above only. The entire bundle must ship on the same POS invoice at the same time.
• Maximum of 10 introductory kits per distributor.
• Available only to end users in the Australia/New Zealand, EMEA, and North America sales regions.
• This program is for a limited time and can be ended by Cambium Networks at any time without further notice.
• This program is limited to one offer per Service Provider or Organization.
• This program cannot be combined with other offers or special pricing.
• See the registration page for additional terms and conditions.

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