Nomadix: Upgrade AG to EG Models and Get 50% discount

Upgrade AG to EG Models and Get 50% Discount!

Nomadix AG internet gateways became End of Life (EOL) on July 1, 2023, and are no longer eligible for upgrades and premium support. To make it easy to update to our latest technology, along with full support services, take advantage of an attractive new promotion for our EG 3000 and EG 6000 models.

As Nomadix internet gateways have been the hospitality industry standard for 25 years, with tens of thousands of gateways supporting millions of rooms worldwide, we know our partners will want to continue to benefit from our patented technology and powerful bandwidth management.

This promotion includes:

- 50% discount on reseller hardware and modules when upgrading an AG 2300, 2400, 2500, 3000, 3100, 5000 and HSG to an EG 3000, with a 3-year license

- 50% discount on reseller hardware and modules when upgrading AG 5500, 5600, 5800 and XG8000 models to an EG 6000, with a 3-year license.

- Credit for the value of any remaining license on the AG unit will be made towards the new EG model.

This exciting offer runs through June 30, 2024. Don’t delay. Upgrade to supported models today!

Eligible Nomadix Gateways

Part of our modular range with a common powerful feature set enabling from 100 to 2 million connected devices, for properties of all styles and sizes. Our feature-rich software can be further expanded with complementary modules including Property Management Systems integration, high availability, built-in firewall, Cloud Telephony, Passpoint and more.

For more information and Your Pricing, please contact your Winncom sales representative or 1-888-WINNCOM /

Promotion Terms & Conditions:
1. The NSE ID for the EOL gateway being replaced must be provided to Nomadix.
2. Once the new EG 3000 or EG 6000 is active, the EOL gateway license key will be disabled.
3. The gateway does not need to be returned to us. However, it may not be used for another site or reactivated.
4. Offer expires on June 30, 2024.

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