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QUATRA Portal Support Guide, by Nextivity

27 Nov 2018

Cel-Fi by Nextivity Support Webinar

The WAVE Portal is your guide to successful installs, and this webinar will highlight how to use NEW alert icons and RF KPIs to help you get the most out of your Quatra system.

                A Cel-Fi QUATRA Project is only done when optimization is complete!

Session Details:

·        Quatra is a highly automated system, but once the system is installed there are a wealth of features and indicators to help the installer maximize performance potential.

·        This webinar assumes that the system has already been installed, powered up, commissioned, and any alarms cleared.

·        We will discuss the following portal features:

o   Antenna Aiming

o   RF KPIs and alert messages

·        Antenna Aiming

o   Donor signal health is very important to system success, and bars of service often rely on it.

o   New antenna aiming features explained.

o   New Manual band selection feature.

·        RF KPIs

o   You learned about the RF KPIs in training.

o   Now we have added portal alerts to spotlight KPIs that might benefit from further action.

§  Isolation (DL Echo Gain)




·        Summary/Conclusion


Two session dates for your convenience:

Tuesday November 27th 9:00 AM PST

Thursday November 29th at 4:00 PM PST




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