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Cel-Fi by Nextivity

Protect your building or Site with FirstNet Cellular Coverage

13 Nov 2018

Cel-Fi by Nextivity Webianr

Protect your building or Site with FirstNet Cellular Coverage

The events that took place on 9/11 revealed a number of holes in America’s emergency communications infrastructure. From this tragedy arose a better communication network for first responders. That network is FirstNet, a nationwide broadband network that gives first responder communication priority and pre-emption on all bands over the existing AT&T network.
However, first responders or other public safety officials responding to an emergency inside a building, even on FirstNet, may still experience dropped calls, spotty connections, poor voice quality, or black service holes that plague building occupants every day.
Until now…
Join Joe Schmelzer, Head of Product, for an inspiring webinar on how Nextivity’s Cel-Fi GO RED is changing public safety communication. Delivering cellular coverage in buildings for emergency communications from police, fire, and medical personal, Cel-Fi GO RED is the ideal solution for building owners, remote communication kits and emergency responders.




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