About WinnCloud Network Monitoring

    Winncom Technologies has developed a complete network monitoring solution on one platform that can truly see your entire network regardless of manufacturer. WinnCloud reports the important information to monitor network health and performance. Monitor any IP device (cameras, power supplies, radios, routers, servers, switches, etc.) in your network. With the ability to set up multiple user logins, set authority/privilege levels, editable dashboards, map designer and more, WinnCloud is very customizable. Be alerted anytime & anywhere on your computer, laptop, tablet and/or smart phone. Find out how easy WinnCloud is to download and use.

    The Future of Network Monitoring is Here

    • Cambium SM
    • Cambium ePMP 1000 AP
    • Cambium PMP 320 AP
    • Cambium PMP 450 AP
    • Cambium PMP 450 SM
    • Cambium PTP 820 450 AP
    • Ubiquiti airFiber
    • Ubiquiti Rocket 5AC
    • Siklu EH-600
    • Cisco Switch
    • WinnCloud Dashboard
    • WinnCloud Map
    • Equipment supported
    • Google Apps supported

    Going Beyond Basic IT Monitoring


    Unmatched Capabilities: Use rich map designing toolset to draw interactive network maps that illustrate the operation of your network from different perspectives with justa few mouse clicks. Proactive control over your network with the ability to troubleshoot and recommend system upgrades.
    Visibility & Central Dashboard: Get a central view of your entire IT operations network and business processes from any location. Powerful and customizable dashboards provide quick and easy access to powerful monitoring information and WinnCloud data. You can eaasily customize your views to provide quick access to the information you find most useful.
    Alerts & Awareness: Alerts can be sent to anyone via email or mobile text messages. Alerts will provide you with potential outage details so you can start resolving issues immediately, even before they become problems for your customers.
    Proactive Planning: Integrated trending and capacity planning visuals allow you to proactively plan for infrastructure upgrades before outdated systems catch you by surprise. Create and run numerous reports.
    Ease of Use and Accessibility: An integrated web-based interface allows you to easily assign monitoring and management control, system settings, and more to end users and team members. Unlike the painful processes associated with a typical monitoring system of adding and managing devices. WinnCloud makes it straightforward and simple!
    Change Awareness: Get insight into all the componets that support your current network and get updated on all the network changes with integrated auto-discovery function.
    Management and Control: Take control over your network problems with the integrated trouble ticketing system feature. Create, assign, track and manage problem tickets directly from WinnCloud's interface. Never leave a single issue on your critical network unresolved with automatic ticket creation and assignment function.
    Mobile Access: Get access to network monitoring functions anytime, anywhere using Web interface and/or Apple iOS, Android and Windows phone mobile apps.

    The WinnCloud Advantage

    • One Platform to See Your Entire Network
    • Premium Network Monitoring Solution
    • Easy to Install
    • No Upfront Capital Expenditure
    • Multiple Hosting Options
    • Free Custom Development with Premium
    • Stores Historical Data for Up to One Year

    Is Quality of Service Important to You? More Importantly, it is to Your Customers.

    • Do you know the Quality of Service that your customers experience at any given time?
    • How would you like to increase the Quality of Service for your customers and free up your time?
    • Are you able to detect devices that are suffering latency or poor Quality of Service?
    • You don't have to buy a server or any hardware with WinnCloud.
    • Other competitors say they can monitor your network, most fall short & don't provide great support, let alone offer free custom development.

    WinnCloud Packages

    • WinnCloud Basic
    • WinnCloud Basic Cloud
    • WinnCloud Premium
    • WinnCloud Premium Cloud

    Hosting Options

    • On-Premise
    • Cloud
    • Hybrid

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