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    Wavion is a technology leader in outdoor Wi-Fi applications for metro and rural areas with deployments in more than 70 countries. The company's two-way digital Beamforming and powerful Interference Immunity Suite are the first and only technology to resolve the significant performance, penetration and profitability challenges facing large-scale metro and rural deployments. Featuring Wavion Base Stations with 802.11n (WBSn) in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz unlicensed bands and in 700MHz licensed band, Wavion offers end-to-end solutions including access, backhaul, CPEs, management and service provisioning tools.

    Wavion's technology combines Tx and Rx spatially adaptive Beamforming and 802.11n 3x3:3 MIMO for best coverage and capacity. The true spatially adaptive Beamforming technology leverages a unique High Gain Diversely Polarized (HGDP) antenna array for maximum performance. The Beamforming significantly increases the link gain and interference immunity. Moreover, it exploits multipath to its advantage by coherently combining signals traveling in different propagation paths, providing superior Line-of sight (LOS) and non-line of-sight (NLOS) coverage, and indoor penetration. With up to nine embedded radios, 3x3 MIMO and three spatial data streams, Wavion's base stations set up a new market milestone delivering up to Gigabit per second capacity and 450 Mbps data speeds.

    Wavion's Interference Immunity Suite combines the Beamforming inherent ability to suppress interference, the Dynamic Interference Handling (DIH) algorithm for continuous receiver's parameters optimization according to the noise level, the Automatic Channel Selection (ACS) algorithm for optimal selection of the best operating channel, the Wavion Rate Adaptation (WARA) for optimal rate selection for any environment, and the Down Tilted Antennas (DTA) and sector antennas capability to reject interference out of their field-of-view. Wavion's Interference Immunity Suite leverages over a decade of outdoor Wi-Fi experience.

    Wavion Featured Product

    WBSn Series Base Stations

    WBSn is a family of advanced outdoor Wi-Fi base stations suitable for broad range of applications. Operating in the 2.4 and the 5 GHz bands, and leveraging spatially adaptive Beamforming together with 3x3:3 MIMO technology, the WBSn family delivers the best range and capacity in the market. This outstanding performance addresses the rapidly growing needs of operators to deliver new content-rich services, while maintaining quality of service and profitability.

    The WBSn base stations are carrier grade IP-68 solutions, with rich set of security, QoS and management tools, and with a built-in Access Controller, thus reducing cost and increasing availability. The WBSn family is environmentally-friendly with low power consumption, ideal for off-grid powering, and with green standards compliance.

    The WBSn family includes ten base stations in four basic form factors, all IP-68, designed for harsh outdoor environments, with easy pole and wall installations

    Wavion Featured Products


    Wavion Product Families

    Wavion offers complete, end-to-end solutions for outdoor WiFi applications in metro and rural areas, ensuring service operators, municipalities and enterprises are able to deploy robust carrier grade wireless networks quickly and effectively. Wavion solutions revolutionize the market by providing superior connectivity, greater coverage in a cost effective package.

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