About viaPhoton

    viaPhoton set out to create a company that sits at the intersection of innovation and customer service

    With technology that enables a complete transformation and a culture that empowers big ideas, our exceptional team provides customers end-to-end fiber connectivity so they can focus on what matters.

    viaPhoton provides a variety of solutions to address the increasing demand for broadband connectivity. We help our customers deliver ultra-high-speed internet services to bridge the digital divide for underserved, rural and urban areas.

    Our customers use both Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) and Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) technologies to service their broadband subscribers. At viaPhoton, we offer solutions that support both architectures by providing critical network infrastructure to deliver power and fiber up the tower for FWA, as well as Network Interface Devices (NID) for fiber demarcation on-premise.

    Featured Products

    Tower Mount Outdoor Hybrid Enclosures

    viaPhoton is constantly innovating to anticipate and meet all of your connectivity needs. The patented Outdoor Hybrid Enclosure (OHE) with overvoltage protection is no exception. The engineered flip-tray mechanism offers dedicated fiber access, optical path testing becomes easier, and maintenance becomes faster. The spring-loaded clip ensures smooth fiber travel and saves time when routing cable. The universal brackets allow the enclosure to be mounted to any horizontal or vertical structure.

    Our Custom Engineered OHE Features:

    * Easy-access design for fast, on-site fiber and power installation

    * NEMA 4X rating for harsh environment protection

    * IEC Class 1 Surge Protection Device (SPD) for DC-powered RRH applications

    * Uptime preserved in rare instance of SPD failure; RRH units remain powered

    * Gland sizes for range of cable diameters (5 mm - 44 mm)

    12-Strand Outdoor Hybrid Fiber Trunk Cables

    * 12x Single-Mode Fibers

    * 12x 10AWG Copper Conductors

    * LC duplex uniboot

    * 2mm OD / 32 inch long breakout

    * 2mm OD / 24 inch breakout

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