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    We are Teltonika Networks

    Teltonika Networks offers a wide array of networking products designed to make your connectivity reliable, secure and quick to deploy. Our products will help you build a solid IoT, M2M or enterprise networking infrastructure and advanced remote management capabilities will enable you to manage it with ease. If you cannot find a product that you need or if you are looking for something special, contact us as we might already have the solution.

    New Product

    TSW202 Managed PoE+ Ethernet Switch

    TSW202 is the first-ever Teltonika Networks managed PoE+ Ethernet switch, designed to provide granular network management capabilities while centralizing power distribution. This PoE+ switch enables flexibility over solution management and power supply and enhances M2M communication by supporting a wide range of industrial protocols, including EtherNet/IP, Profinet, and MRP. The TSW202 has 2 high-performance SFP ports for long-range fibre optic communication and 8 Gigabit Ethernet ports providing 30W of power each.

    - MANAGED SWITCH: L2 with additional L3 features for enhanced management and control

    - PoE+ & SFP: 8 x port PoE+ switch with 2 x SFP ports for fibre optic communication

    - PROFINET & MORE: Supports Profinet for automated data processing alongside other protocols, like EtherNet/IP and MRP

    - TSWOS: Teltonika Networks OS for switches, intuitively designed for infinite configurations

    Featured Products

    Industrial Cellular Routers


    RUTM50 is an FCC-certified Teltonika Networks cellular 5G router for North America, with ultra-high cellular speeds of up to 3.4 Gbps. This dual SIM router has auto-failover and backup WAN and supports both SA and NSA 5G architectures. It is also backward compatible with 4G (LTE Cat 19/18), making it perfect for future-proofing your industrial networking solutions.

    - 5G Ultra-high cellular speeds of up to 3.4 Gbps

    - Dual SIM, Auto-failover, backup WAN, and other switching scenarios

    - Supports both SA & NSA 5G architectures

    - Backward compatible with 4G (LTE Cat 19/18)


    RUT241 is the modified version of our all-time bestseller RUT240 that inherited its' best features, including industrial design, compact size, multiple connection interfaces, and compatibility with RMS.

    Equipped with 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, and two Ethernet ports, this router offers unstoppable connection continuity with a backup through automatic failover.

    Digital Inputs and Outputs coupled with advanced RutOS software enable solution automation scenarios.

    RUT241 is an excellent fit in various IoT and M2M solutions that require easy setup, reliable network, and remote accessibility.


    RUT956 is an industrial router that combines dual-SIM cellular 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, and wired connectivity options and additionally offers GNSS capabilities.

    Automatic WAN failover ensures solution uptime even if the primary connection is lost. Serial communication interfaces enable integrating more varied devices to the solution ecosystem, even legacy equipment.

    Digital and analog Inputs/Outputs with advanced RutOS software features facilitate equipment control, automation, and event notifications.

    Packed with advanced industrial software features, including Modbus, SNMP, TR-069, NTRIP, MQTT, and multiple VPNs.

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