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    Most of the world still has inadequate access to fast, affordable broadband service. Closing this “digital divide” - present even in many developed economies (including the US) - is ever more urgent, as evolving modes of work, education, commerce, health care, and entertainment increase dependence on great connectivity.

    The divide persists because everything in the current access network toolbox has attributes that limit application scope. Fiber delivers great speeds but is costly and slow to deploy reliably outside of high-density markets that are a small fraction the world’s problem. Mobile networks serve smartphones well but rarely have the capacity to support many active households, which regularly consume 50x more traffic than a single smartphone user. Fixed wireless access (FWA) networks based on indoor Wi-Fi tech are initially easy to deploy but are severely limited by obstructions and unlicensed interference at scale. Exciting new LEO satellite networks are excellent for remote locations without infrastructure but will not have (even when fully deployed) enough capacity to serve mainstream markets.

    Recognizing the massive global scale of the opportunity to address these challenges, in 2009 Tarana’s founders embarked on a mission to design and develop an entirely new wireless broadband technology from scratch - completely rethinking air interface design, multi-antenna architecture, real-time signal processing algorithms, interference cancellation, custom ASICs, antenna intricacies, and cloud management. A dozen years and over $300M of investment later, our novel Gigabit 1 (G1) platform is now delivering a truly unique combination of reliable fiber-class access with the ease of macro-scale wireless deployment. G1 is the world’s first instance of next-generation FWA, powered by a number of industry firsts in radio network performance, interference cancellation, and cloud-based automation.

    We’ve built our platform company on a foundation of passion for deep innovation and tight focus on getting great things done. Our results speak for themselves: we’ve grown from 0 to over 180 customers in our first year of G1 sales, with hundreds more in the pipeline, including companies across the full spectrum of the industry - fiber builders, WISPs, and incumbent broadband providers - connecting businesses and consumers alike. We’ll collaborate with anyone working to make the digital divide a thing of the past. That’s our enduring mission - that’s Tarana!

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    Overcoming the Limitations of Traditional Fixed Wireless Access (FWA)

    Large portions of both developed and especially developing economies remain underserved in an ongoing digital divide that makes real broadband ever more urgent, as evolving modes of work, education, commerce, health care, and entertainment increase dependence on great connectivity. Copper-based fixed access networks are increasingly exhausted. Wireless alternatives continue to fail in the face of the significant technical challenges in carrier-class fixed access, including pervasive obstructions, spectrum scarcity, interference, changing conditions, and unworkable deployment models.

    Tarana innovation has solved all these problems. Our Gigabit 1 platform (G1) is powered by the results of more than 10 years of focused R&D, and crafted from its custom silicon up to its cloud-based service automation with a completely fresh approach to fixed wireless. Extensively validated by tier-1 operators and well proven in carrier scale networks, our fundamental advances in multi-radio performance completely transform the economics of delivering gigabit-class access. The G1 platform features the base node (BN), remote node (RN), and Tarana Cloud Suite (TCS) for management.

    - Up to 1.6 Gbps Aggregate Capacity per Link*
    - Up to 3.2 Gbps Capacity per Sector*
    - Up to 12.8 Gbps Capacity per Cell (4 BNs)*
    - Up to 250 Clients per Sector
    - Up to 1000 Clients per Cell (4 BNs)
    - 5 or 6 GHz (unlicensed) or 3 GHz (CBRS)
    - Works in NLoS and nLoS
    - Cancels Interference
    - Fiber-Class Reliability
    - Fast to Deploy
    - More Affordable than Fiber

    * In x2 (4-carrier) mode (available in future software release)

    Base Node (BN) - 6 GHz

    Base Node (BN) - 5 GHz

    Base Node (BN) - 3 GHz

    Remote / Residential Node (RN) - 6 GHz

    Remote / Residential Node (RN) - 5 GHz

    Remote / Residential Node (RN) - 3 GHz

    Tarana RAN Diagram

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