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    Winncom customers will benefit from the long-standing business relationship we have with SkyPilot. Our value-add business model works hand-in-hand with their excellent product portfolio to provide customers with industry-leading, advanced wireless broadband solutions.

    Founded in 2004, SkyPilot Networks quickly gained recognition as a leading provider of broadband wireless systems. In 2009, SkyPilot Networks was acquired by Trilliant. Trillliant is headquartered in Redwood City, CA, USA. Today, SkyPilot solutions still represents carrier-class broadband wireless systems that enable service providers, municipalities, public safety agencies and enterprises to rapidly deploy cost-effective broadband access, Voice over IP, Wi-Fi access, video surveillance, and other wireless applications. Our best-in-class mesh networking technology and innovative directional antenna arrays extend reach, mitigate interference, and maximize spectral reuse. The network architecture offers a flexible topology with point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and mesh configurations. The result is a highly scalable and reliable mesh network that simplifies design, increases deployment flexibility, and dramatically reduces equipment and operating costs. Key features of SkyPilot wireless mesh networks include high bandwidth, low latency, long range and superior link quality. Our extensive ecosystem of partners provides local supply and service for our global customer base.

    SkyPilot Featured Product

    SkyPilot Gateway Product

    SkyPilot Gateway Series

    SkyPilot Gateways are carrier-class base stations that provide the robust backhaul for the mesh network. Gateways have integrated multi-hop networking capabilities that deliver dynamic routing and self-healing along with outstanding scalability. These devices are also available in a DualBand model, providing an integrated 802.11b/g Wi-Fi access point that allows for simultaneous wireless client access without interrupting backhaul communications.

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