About Sabre Site Solutions

    Winncom is a proud partner of Sabre Site Solutions, a division of Sabre Industries, a manufacturer of site hardware and components for the wireless industry. From antenna mounting systems to pre-engineered, lightweight towers, Sabre has been providing trusted site solutions from more than 30 years.

    Sabre Site Solutions Products & Accessories

    Winncom is now stocking the full portfolio of Sabre Site Solutions products, ranging from antenna mounting systems to pre-engineering lightweight towers. Winncom is here to help you configure the right solution for your wireless network. Click here to browse Sabre products online.

    • Towers & Shelters
    • Antenna Mounting Systems
    • Cable & Hardware Accessories
    • Grounding Accessories
    • Lighting Systems & Accessories
    • Rooftop Mounts
    • Transmission Line Support Systems

    Components Designed by Tower Experts

    Always listening to the voice of the contractor, Sabre Site Solutions' in-house professional staff is continually doing research and development to provide you with new and improved products. Their antenna mounting systems are designed with more than 30 years of experience in the tower industry. If you have specific requirements, Winncom and Sabre will be happy to work with you to develop special application mounting systems and related components.

    To determine which tower fits your needs, please, click Here to download the form and fill it out and email it to A sales representative will contact you shortly.

    Winncom and Sabre - Dedicated to Providing the Best in Customer Service

    Dedicated to providing the best in customer service, we work with you to meet the tightest delivery schedules. Our knowledgeable regional sales representatives are available to review your requirements and guide you through the ordering process. Call Winncom today!

    Sabre Featured Product

    Sabre LDA Tower

    LDA Self-Supporting Tower

    This three-legged tower has the ability to carry moderate to heavy accessory loads. It features angle legs and angle bracing. Custom engineered to meet all your height requirements, the S3A is appropriate for nearly all communication applications.

    Design Your Optimal Sabre Network

    Get the best in application engineering and technical services from our Winncom engineers - holding over 100 industry-elite certifications! Call 1-888-WINNCOM for details!

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