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    When You Need Broadband Wireless Go with the Leader

    Redline's outdoor broadband wireless systems enable the delivery of high-speed communications services and applications for business and government.

    Redline combines powerful and reliable broadband wireless systems with modular software to create versatile solutions that allow specialized applications to go wireless - without compromising performance.

    Choose Redline wireless systems for seamless operation of complex applications

    Award-winning products provide high capacity point-to-point communications links to backhaul information between network locations and high-speed point-to-multipoint access links between business users and their corporate networks.

    Modular software for specialized solutions delivers the ultimate in versatility. Over-the-air software upgrades add speed, capacity and tune the wireless system for additional applications as your system grows and changes.

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    Redline Wireless Video Surveillance Solutions

    Piblic Safety Made Simple, Seamless and Secure

    Property Protection

    Wireless Backhaul for ISPs

    Mount Redline's small, unobtrusive wireless systems where you need them. Redline’s low power consumption allows systems to be powered over the Ethernet cable (PoE), saving hundreds of dollars on installation costs for each camera site.

    Homeland Security

    Enjoy clear images, smooth pan tilt zoom (PTZ) operation and better video analytics performance from applications such as license plate and shape recognition, thanks to Redline’s very low latency.

    Emergencies and Disaster Recovery Management

    Redline's solutions approach, ruggedized design, antenna alignment indicator, alignment mode GUI display and built-in spectrum analyzer enable simple deployment in evolving and harsh environments.

    Security Centers

    Set up multiple security control centers without multiple video communications links, using the VideoLINK multicast feature.

    Multiple Applications

    Redline's software is upgradeable. Purchase the features and the throughput performance you need today and upgrade later without replacing any hardware. Add voice and data communications for an even better return on your public safety investment.

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    Redline Military Solutions

    Military organizations know the value of using broadband wireless to provide secure high-quality video, data and voice services in evolving theater operations and on permanent base installations.

    Redline's FIPS 140-2 certified systems deliver secure, affordable communications that can be deployed quickly to solve connectivity issues, to establish battlespace dominance, and to improve overall operational capability. Redline combines broadband wireless systems with specialized software to create a powerful, versatile and reliable network optimized for military operations.

    Redline Broadband Wireless Systems: Establishing Secure and Reliable Communications in Tough Environments

    Tactical Operations

    The light weight and small size of Redline’s systems simplifies logistics when providing reliable and secure voice, video and data communication in austere forward operating areas. Redline provides the only commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) broadband wireless system that can be software configured as PTP and PMP to further simplify logistics, streamline training and lower costs.

    Range Deployments

    Improve accuracy and performance in range operations. Redline's high throughput, non-line-of-sight wireless systems interconnect remote range assets such as cameras, sensors and Wi-Fi clouds over difficult topographies and in harsh environments.


    Use the high capacity, long range and low latency of Redline's systems to provide connectivity between buildings, to track RFID tagged assets and to enable Internet access for Morale Welfare and Recreation (MWR) on permanent base installations.

    Nomadic Communications

    Redline's RAS Nomadic Platform extends high-speed wireless IP to movable and roving assets. Purpose built for tough applications, the RAS mounts quickly and easily on movable equipment and vehicles. With zero-touch setup, simply power-on the RAS to automatically aim the solid-state antenna and establish secure wireless access in seconds.

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    Redline Professional Services

    Redline Professional Services: WORLDWIDE. WORLD-CLASS.

    Use Redline's Professional Services to turn your broadband wireless network into a world-class business asset. We'll help you simplify planning, deployment, management and maintenance. You’ll maximize efficiency and realize a greater return on your product investment. With Redline Professional Services you are assured of a network that is Powerful, Versatile and Reliable - today and into the future.

    Available in almost every country across the globe, Redline Professional Services help you get the most from your network investment. Enjoy faster smoother deployments, fewer service disruptions, minimized investment and maximized availability and performance, consistent operation, and simplified ongoing management.

    While all services are customizable, the core of Redline’s Professional Services offerings include:
    - Cell Planning Services
    - Deployment Engineer Services
    - Resident Engineer Services
    - Program Management
    - Professional Certified Training
    - Network Design and Planning
    - Technical Advisor Services
    - Solution Specialist Services
    - Staging

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    Design Your Optimal Redline Network

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