About RADWIN

    Over the years, Winncom has built a trusted relationship with RADWIN and proudly continues to offer our customers RADWIN's industry-leading portfolio of products.

    Established in 1997, RADWIN’s carrier-grade solutions are deployed in over 170 countries. Delivering fiber-like connectivity with unrivalled capacity and reliability, RADWIN is the preferred choice of tier-1 service providers and carriers globally.

    Focused on the goal, RADWIN mission is to extend the availability of broadband connectivity to every location by overcoming all physical and economical challenges.

    RADWIN provides a complete portfolio of sub-6 GHz Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint solutions. RADWIN's solutions power applications including enterprise and residential broadband access, backhaul, private network connectivity, video surveillance transmission as well as delivering broadband for trains and metros.

    RADWIN's wireless systems transmit Voice, Video and Data on a single platform. The systems incorporate cutting-edge technologies and interference mitigation techniques, including MIMO and OFDM. The highly durable solutions operate flawlessly in all environments and are extremely simple to install and maintain.

    RADWIN New Product

    RADWIN NEO PtMP Base Station Series - The smartest and most affordable way to connect!

    Best-in class PtMP doesn’t always have a high price tag!

    RADWIN NEO base stations series with its powerful set of subscriber units is changing the quality vs. price paradigm by offering best-in-class connectivity performance and excellent value for money!

    RADWIN NEO series comprises of single and dual carrier base stations with advanced bi-directional beamforming. Delivering up to 1.5Gbps, NEO comprises of best-in-class broadband solutions that provide extremely reliable connectivity in the 5GHz unlicensed spectrum.

    Exceeding Work from Home (WFH) service requirements, NEO base stations outperform any Access Point with a horn or uplink beamforming antenna.

    NEO base station series is complimented by powerful, durable, and inexpensive Subscriber Units (SUs) that deliver up to 500Mbps and are fully interoperable with RADWIN’s comprehensive PtMP base station offering.


    NEO Base Station Series Highlights:
    • Single and dual carrier
    • Up to 1.5Gbps, 6Gbps per 4 sectors
    • 25' bi-directional beamforming antenna
    • PrimeCarrier capabilities
    • Robust connectivity in congested spectrum
    • Frequency reuse -2 per network
    • Over 500k PPS
    • Up to 128 customers
    • Built-in GPS
    • WAN connectivity over
    • 4.9-5.8GHz

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    RADWIN Featured Product

    RADWIN TerraWIN™ - mmWave 60GHz Mesh for advanced multi-gigabit broadband services

    RADWIN TerraWIN solution is based on the latest 802.11ay standard and delivers gigabit wireless access services to homes and businesses, smart cities and public Wi-Fi networks to complement fiber in urban and, suburban and semirural environments.

    By incorporating terragraph (by Facebook) into the TerraWIN multi-node mesh network, high network resiliency and service availability is assured through self-organizing, self-healing and self-backhauling capabilities. The advanced mesh architecture simplifies planning, overcomes range and LoS limitations and enables efficient and low-cost expansion of the network footprint.

    TerraWIN nodes include Massive-Array beamforming antennas to increase network coverage and assure highest capacity service rates. The modular architecture meets the needs of a wide range of deployment scenarios, while allowing network capacity growth through the deployment of additional Distribution Nodes (DN) per site. The Nodes can be quickly and easily mounted on buildings, residential homes, utility poles and street furniture.

    RADWIN OSS supports a fully automated installation and deployment process, with continuous synchronization between the planning and deployment management tools to ensure optimized planning according to real-time field conditions.

    RADWIN TerraWin DN

    Distribution Node Highlights:
    • Up to 3.6Gbps agg. per user, up to 14.4Gbps agg. per site
    • 57-66GHz
    • Integrated beamforming antenna, 90° coverage
    • Auto alignment & self-healing
    • Frequency Reuse 1
    • Built in GPS for TDD sync
    • Up to 15 connections per node
    • OSS & WINTouch mobile app support
    • IP-67

    RADWIN TerraWin CN

    Client Node Highlights:
    • Up to 3.6Gbps agg. per user
    • 57-66GHz
    • Integrated beamforming antenna, 90° coverage
    • Auto alignment
    • OSS & WINTouch mobile app support
    • IP-67

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    RADWIN Product Families

    RADWIN offers carrier-class products in the sub-6GHz space, empowering carriers and service providers with wireless backhaul and broadband access.

    RADWIN portfolio comprises a broad range of wireless broadband connectivity products to suit the needs of today's and tomorrow's networks. Available in Point-to-Point and Multiple-Point-to-Point architectures and combining TDM and Ethernet transmission, RADWIN products power a variety of applications for carriers, service providers and private networks.

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