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    About Proxim Wireless

    Proxim Wireless is a pioneer and global leader in advanced Wi-Fi, point to point, and point to multipoint outdoor wireless systems that are purpose built for mission critical and high availability communications. With over 30 years of wireless experience, Proxim is recognized for its unparalleled reliability, superior performance and drive for innovation.

    Marketed under the ORiNOCO® and Tsunami® brands, Proxim provides a comprehensive product line for a wide variety of market segments including enterprises, service providers, carriers, governments and municipalities, Wi-Fi Operators/Hot spot Operators and other organizations that need high performance, secure scalable wireless solutions.

    Proxim serves customers through a global network of distributors, value-added resellers, system integrators and original equipment manufacturers. Our strong internal sales force also engages in direct-touch, consultative selling with major customers regardless of whether fulfillment is direct or via a channel partner. Our experienced system engineering team is available to provide professional services to both our channel partners and end customers.

    Proxim New Products

    New Proxim Edge 1015

    Proxim’s Edge 1015 is the most versatile small wireless broadband solution available.

    One device, multiple uses; whether you need a Point to Point endpoint, Multipoint CPE, or MultiPoint Base Station, the Edge 1015 fits the bill.

    Edge MP 1015
    • Wide Band 5 GHz Radio
    • 4x4 MIMO radio delivering up to 200 Mbps
    • Advanced QoS for quad-play applications
    • AES 128 encryption and Radius authentication
    • Full tilt and swivel mounting kit included

    Powered by WORP®

    Proxim WORP enables the most efficient wireless broadband access possible in a packet-based network.

    Advanced QoS controls, committed interface rates, latency controls, IGMP snooping, and native multicast support allow granular service level management and the best video performance available in this product class.

    Advanced Interference Management

    Proxim ClearConnect™ combines multiple dynamic technologies and delivers the best interference management solution available.

    Flexible Antenna Options

    Includes an integrated 15 dBi 35-degree dual-polarity antenna and offers external connectors for extended range and MIMO 4x4 configuration options.

    Smartphone Configurator

    Proxim’s BlueConnect mobile app enables fast and efficient setup, monitoring, and troubleshooting.

    Rugged Reliability

    IP67 rated metal enclosure to ensure years of reliable service in harsh environments, including high winds, high salt, and temperature extremes.

    Proxim Featured Products

    Tsunami MP-10250-BSX

    Tsunami® MP-10250-BSX - Advanced Point-to-Multipoint Wireless Base Station

    Implementing Intelligent Technologies with Tsunami® MP-10250-BSX.

    Proxim Wireless is a leader and an early innovator in wireless technology providing high-speed, long-range and mobile broadband wireless solutions.

    The Tsunami® MP-10250-BSX is an intelligent base station that combines a beam steering (BeamX[tm]) antenna and a scan radio (Proxim SmartScan[tm]) with the very high throughput, high power, robust and especially reliable Tsunami® 10000 product line. This product delivers a solution that is extremely robust in the face of interference, delivers more Mbps at a given point in the network and opens up additional 5GHz spectrum.")

    The Tsunami® MP-10250-BSX supports the following features specifically for last miles access or video surveillance application that need advanced QoS, interference resistant, broadband wireless access:
    - Proxim WORP®, a highly evolved QoS platform tailored to deliver voice, video and data applications
    - Proxim ClearConnect[tm], a suite of different techniques all working together to ensure robust and reliable radio communications in noisy deployments
    - Proxim SmartConnect[tm], next generation improvements that anticipates disturbances to optimize performances

    World Class Performance
    - Point-to-Multipoint base station that delivers up to 866 Mbps data rate and covers distances up to 10 miles (16 km)
    - AES 128 encryption, Radius authentication and highly-secure remote management via SSL/TLS1.2, SSH and SNMPv3
    - Service flow based QoS with deep packet inspection (DPI) to ensure that the most important data arrives with priority
    - Built-in feature rich network protocols for IPv4 and IPv6 bridging, routing and gateway functionality

    Proxim SmartScan[tm]
    - Performs background analysis of the full RF spectrum and creates channel availability tables to allow an immediate switch to a free channel in case of weather radar detection or heavy interference
    - By removing the initial transmission delay, SmartScan makes DFS channel more efficient
    - It also opens access to the 5.600-5.650 GHz sub-band, and enables effective use of up to 355 MHz of DFS spectrum

    BeamX[tm] Antenna
    - Smart antenna delivering a 17° beam that electronically steers itself to the remote subscriber unit over 60° sector, to limit interferences from nearby RF sources
    - By improving the radio Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR), BeamX enables higher modulations and thus improves throughput

    Tsunami MP-10250-CPE

    Tsunami® MP-10200-CPA / MP-10250-CPE - Compact High Performance Customer Premises Equipment

    Rugged outdoor Point-to-Multipoint CPE for High Performance Multi-Point Networks and Mobility Applications.")

    The Proxim Multipoint 10200 CPE/CPA is an ideal solution for large-scale wireless deployments and provides excellent price/performance for any organization in need of medium to high density point-to-multipoint networks.

    The Multipoint 10200 CPE/CPA enables seamless roaming up to 295 km/h (185 mph) for use in mobility applications such as provision of Internet access or video surveillance on trains, trams and busses.

    This Customer Premises Equipment also features a carrier-grade prioritization platform supporting multiple service classes and able to prioritize voice, video and data applications to enable granular management of customer service features.

    High Value, Long Service Life
    The combination of high reliability, license-free frequency bands, and guaranteed compatibility with past, current and future Proxim base station models, ensures a long service life, and an excellent return on investment.
    - Designed for harsh environments, the Multipoint 10250-CPE, and 10200-CPA are fully IP67 rated, and will deliver years of reliable service in conditions that include, high winds, high salt, and high temperature range.

    Flexible, Fast and Secure
    - Delivers High Bandwidth over 20 and 40MHz Channels, and is upgradeable to utilize 80MHz Channels
    - Provides flexible channel planning with support for 4.900 to 5.925 GHz
    - Advanced encryption protects over-the-air transmission via AES-128, and is upgradeable to AES-256
    - Uses Proxim's advanced Wireless Outdoor Routing Protocol (WORP®) to prevent snooping
    - Radio mutual authentication eliminates unauthorized use of the system by rogue subscriber units and man-in-the middle attacks GPS Ready
    - Proxim GPS-POSITION-KIT (949-00128) can be connected via Access port for accurate positioning and real time tracking within ProximVision® Advanced dynamic map.

    Tsunami MP 10100S

    Tsunami® MP-10100S Series - Very High Throughput Point-to-Multipoint Wireless Solution

    Increase your multipoint capacity to over 600 Mbps throughput with the all new Tsunami® MP-10100 series.

    Proxim Wireless is a leader and an early innovator in wireless technology providing high-speed, long-range and mobile broadband wireless solutions. Proxim introduces the Tsunami® MP-10100, a very high throughput, high power, extremely reliable and cost-effective, near-line-of-sight point-to-multipoint (PMP) wireless solution.

    The Tsunami® MP-10100 supports the following features specifically for last miles access, video surveillance or mobility application that need very high-speed broadband wireless access:")
    - Proxim WORP®, a highly evolved QoS platform tailored to deliver voice, video and data applications
    - Proxim ClearConnect[tm], a suite of over 13 different techniques all working together to ensure robust and reliable radio communications in noisy deployments
    - Proxim FastConnect[tm], a High Speed Mobility solution for Buses, Trains, Metros and Ferries

    World Class Performance
    - Point-to-Multipoint system that delivers up to 866 Mbps data rate and covers distances up to 10 miles (16 km)
    - Dual IPv4 and IPv6 stack for transparent evolution to tomorrow's networks
    - Triple level login with monitoring, simplified or advanced web interface
    - Built-in feature rich network protocols for bridging, routing and gateway functionality
    - High Speed Mobility up to 185 mph (295 km/h)

    Near-Line-of-Sight and Advanced Features
    - Features dual Gigabit Ethernet ports with PoE out to power other devices such as surveillance cameras or additional radios
    - Performs deep packet inspection (DPI) to create unique and sophisticated service rules and tiered service classes with ease
    - BSU redundancy (500 milliseconds switch over time) and Dynamic Channel Selection to ensure continuity of services whatever the condition
    - Built in spectrum analyzer to analyze frequency bands for interference, and select the best available channel

    Carrier-Grade Backhaul
    - Implements AES encryption and Radius authentication for the most secure outdoor wireless communications in the unlicensed frequency spectrum
    - Utilizes Proxim's Wireless Outdoor Routing Protocol (WORP®), which prevents snooping, and features highly-secure remote management via SSL/TLS1.2, SSH and SNMPv3
    - Features Ethernet ports with pass-through IEEE 1588v2 synchronization and support for 9k Jumbo frame

    Proxim Wireless WORP Sync

    WORP Sync - The First Common Synchronization Technology

    With the growing demand for outdoor wireless applications and limited license-free spectrum, there exists a clear and growing deficit of available interference-free frequencies. Large scale wireless Internet service providers (ISPs) and organizations with dense networks are compelled to reuse the limited available spectrum, often resulting in high self-interference, poor Quality of Service (QoS), and reduced throughput.

    Proxim with its new WORP Sync feature helps overcome these challenges by allowing efficient collocation of more and more radios at a cell site. To understand how this is accomplished let us first take a look into synchronous absent aka asynchronous network topology.

    Conversely, WORP Sync coordinates the transmit timing between all the BSUs within a network. The timing mechanism used as a clock for these synchronous networks is either a satellite signal or other clock sources such as ethernet synchronization modules. This ensures all BSUs within a geography where they may interfere with each other transmit and receive at the exact same time. This applies not only to BSUs on the same tower, but all BSUs within a given area that can potentially “hear” each other and hence improper timing can corrupt Tx and Rx data streams.

    Proxim Product Families

    Using a combination of Point-to-Multipoint, Point-to-Point and WLAN technologies, Proxim enables a wide variety solutions. Proxim's end-to-end broadband wireless solutions and services have helped more than 250,000 customers around the world enable new applications, increase productivity, decrease expenses, gain operational flexibility and create new business opportunities.

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