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    Praxsym designs and manufactures power detectors, synthesizers, OEM modules, and test equipment as well as many other custom-engineered items in their facility in Fisher, Illinois, located 100 miles south of Chicago.

    Praxsym's commitment to quality drives the company to continually refine their processes and technology in order to bring customers the highest performing components at the most reasonable price.

    Winncom is proud to offer the full line of Broadband Wireless Power Meters which are low cost, hand-held tools that provide easy measurement of forward power, reflected power, and VSQR. Praxsym T-Meters allow for quick and effective troubleshooting and verification of newly installed system-level hardware.

    Praxsym Featured Product

    Praxsym T-Meter Broadband Wireless Power Meter for 900MHz Frequency Bands

    Praxsym T-Meter Broadband Wireless Power Meter for 900MHz Frequency Bands

    This meter captures peak power over a 200mSec window so that it is ideal to measure peak power of 802.11 CDMA packetized communications. The peak detection circuit will capture a transmission as short as 500 microseconds and hold the measurement for one second. Tactile switches are integral to the main electronics board and sealed from the elements by a weather-resistant overlay.




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