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    Founded in 1997 in the metropolitan region of Nuremberg, Paessler is now internationally represented in many markets, supporting out partners and customers locally.

    What we do

    With PRTG, we have developed a monitoring solution that helps IT professionals monitor their entire infrastructure around the clock. We also sponsor various tech events such as the DevOps Camp, the Digital Festival and many more.

    How we do it

    We are building the company we want to work for. Work should be more than just a series of tasks – it should also be fun. We are constantly questioning what we do and how we work and are proud of this innovative DNA.

    Why we do it

    We know the challenges of complex IT infrastructures and networks and are committed to 100% uptime. We are also fascinated by the Internet of Things and strive to transfer the experience of over 20 years into new business areas.

    Paessler Paessler Paessler

    Winncom Technologies is happy to become PAESSLER PLATINUM PARTNER!

    We are providing outstanding and exclusive support to our customers, so they are able to use and enjoy PRTG product.

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    PRTG Network Monitor


    PRTG monitors every aspect of your IT infrastructure!

    Monitor all systems, devices, traffic and applications of your IT infrastructure. Everything you need is contained in PRTG, no additional downloads are required.

    PRTG monitors your whole IT infrastructure 24/7 and alerts you to problems before users even notice. Find out more about the monitoring software that helps system administrators work smarter, faster, better.

    - Monitor all the systems, devices, traffic, and applications in your IT infrastructure.

    - Everything is included with PRTG; there is no need for additional plugins or downloads.

    - PRTG is a powerful and easy-to-use solution, which is suitable for businesses of all sizes.

    Your whole network at a glance - even on the go!

    PRTG can be started within minutes and it's compatible with many mobile devices.

    Here's what monitoring looks like in PRTG

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    Simplify your daily work!

    Network autodiscovery - PRTG can scan network segments by pinging defined IP ranges. This way PRTG will automatically recognize a wide range of devices and systems and create sensors from predefined device templates. This saves you a lot of configuration work and you can start monitoring right away.

    Maps - With PRTG Maps you can create web pages with up-to-date monitoring data in your desired design. You can even make maps with your monitoring data publicly available. Have an eye on your network like you need it!

    Alerts - PRTG alerts you when it discovers warnings or unusual metrics. With our free Apps for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone you can get push notifications directly to your phone. You can easily setup notifications via email or SMS according to your needs. With our powerful API you can even write your own notification scripts.

    Bandwidth - Determine how much bandwidth your devices and applications are using and identify the source of bottlenecks.

    Database - Monitor specific datasets from your databases with individually-configured PRTG sensors and SQL queries.

    Application - Manage all your applications and get detailed statistics about every application running in your network.

    Cloud - Centrally monitor and manage all your cloud computing services from anywhere.

    Server - Monitor all types of servers in real time with regard to availability, accessibility, capacity, and overall reliability.

    LAN - Keep track of your entire local network, including your workstations, routers, switches, servers, and printers.

    SNMP - Monitor a diverse range of devices using the SNMP functionality of PRTG.

    And many more - IP Monitoring, Firewall Monitoring, Packet Sniffing Software, LAN Monitoring, IPFIX Monitoring, Port Monitoring, URL monitoring, etc.

    Monitor everything with PRTG!

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