Novi Security

    Novi 4-in-1 Home Security

    4-in-1 Home Security - No contracts. No monthly fees!

    Novi is simple, portable, and affordable security. With a five-minute setup, self monitoring, and the potential for additional premium services, Novi is another source of ongoing revenue for your customers.

    Security that's actually simple
    With real-time picture notifications, motion and smoke detection, and a 90dB siren, you can always be aware of what's happening in your home.

    Take Action
    With the Novi app, you're given relevant options to take action when something is not right.

    Peace of Mind Doesn't Have to Be Expensive
    At 1/5th the price of traditional security, you can protect your home permanently for the same price as the installation cost of other options.

    Place Anywhere
    Using batteries instead of power cords and wires, Novi can be placed anywhere. And with a one-year battery, you'll experience long-lasting convenience.

    Novi 4-in-1 Home Security Kit Main Features

    • Total Security: HD Camera, Smoke Detector, Motion Detector, and Siren all in one sensor.
    • Battery Powered: No wires or power cord. Place Sensor anywhere you want.
    • Take Action: Call police, sound siren, dismiss alarm, and more all from the Novi app.
    • Adjustable Motion Detector: Adjust motion sensitivity so your pets never trigger the alarm.
    • Simple Setup: 5 minutes is all it takes to have your Novi up and running.
    • Add-on Sensor: Protect another entry way in your home or business with an additional Novi Sensor (Must purchase 4-in-1 Home Security Kit in order to use Expansion Pack).
    • Sync up to six Sensors in a single location (1 Main Kit and 5 Expansion Packs).

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