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    With Nomadix Internet gateway solutions your visitors have reliable and secure access to the Internet. Staying connected is good for business. Whether you operate a hotel, school, university, train station, healthcare facility, long-term care facility, or a coffee shop - or simply need a public Internet access solution - Nomadix delivers the Internet to your visitors.

    Why Nomadix?

    Nomadix pioneered the technology that allows hassle free access to the Internet for people on the move. With the proliferation of mobile devices and the increasing trend of BYOD, the network operators are facing increased challenges in how to efficiently and securely manage Internet access connectivity and broadband usage.

    Nomadix solutions address the High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) requirement across numerous market sectors, whether it is a visitor dominated environment or a network that is largely based on member/subscriber connections. We have real use cases for each of the industry sectors listed here and beyond. If any particular industry is not addressed in the list, please contact us and talk to one of our representatives.

    Having shipped over 50,000 units over the past ten years, the Nomadix access gateway is the market leader in monetizing access to the internet at public venues. The Nomadix Service Engine (NSE) software has been developed in-house resulting in more than 100 patents, in 15 unique areas of functionality which are required for public access networks. Nomadix’ Gateways have been deployed in a variety of Venues by companies such as China Netcom, Best Western, Hilton, Marriott, NTT-ME,, Korea Telecom, Reliance Telecomm, Motorola, Intercontinental Hotel Group and Starwood.

    Nomadix Enterprise & Education Solutions

    Nomadix Education Solutions


    Education has specialized needs for public Internet access. Educational campuses demand high levels of access to both the public Internet and the institution's internal networks, thereby requiring stringent control and management of usage and bandwidth. Both wired and wireless Internet connection is expected in almost every building on campus, including labs, libraries and residence halls by students as well as faculty and even outside visitors. Providing public Internet access to such a broad range of stakeholders can easily be turned into a steady revenue stream.

    Los Angeles Area School District Case Study

    Enterprises and Government

    With the increased prevalence of the BYOD (bring your own device) movement, enterprises and government agencies are struggling to keep up with the exabytes of data crossing their networks. The bandwidth tsunami caused by the proliferation of Wi-Fi-enabled devices is forcing these organizations to reevaluate their current policies and look for solutions that help them squeeze more performance out of their existing bandwidth.

    With a steady stream of visitors - from external consultants to attorneys and auditors to employees from other branch offices - enterprises and government face the tremendous task of providing hassle-free and fast Internet access to these external visitors, while ensuring the security of the Local Area Network is maintained. Because of the sensitive nature of the data contained in the networks of many enterprises and government agencies, it is crucial for guest access to be secure to prevent unwanted attacks or information breaches.

    Nomadix Healthcare Solutions

    Nomadix Healthcare Solutions


    The use of mobile devices in the healthcare field is on the rise – from staff accessing patient records via smart devices to placing orders for medical tests/drug prescriptions on the go to supporting new monitoring technology (cardiac telemetry, portable patient monitors, real time location systems for assets, etc). With this shift in mobile technology, Wi-Fi is becoming more of a necessity in hospital environments.

    Wi-Fi networks also allow hospitals to offer Internet access to patients and visitors, which can improve patients’ welfare as well as provide an additional revenue stream for the hospital. The access must be secure to protect the existing internal network from external attacks while keeping the IT infrastructure HIPAA compliant.

    Medical Centers and Nursing Homes

    Medical centers and nursing homes have similar networking requirements to hospitals when deploying Wi-Fi but with smaller budgets. Offering Internet access creates an opportunity to keep patients and visitors entertained and comfortable while creating another revenue stream. The service must be easy to manage and reliable, as medical center IT resources are limited.


    Waiting rooms are ideal locations to offer Internet connectivity while patients wait to be seen by the doctor. Establishing a Wi-Fi hotspot at a clinic can enhance patient service and minimizing time wasted. The service should be user-friendly for patients and require no local IT expertise to maintain.

    Nomadix Hospitality Solutions

    Hospitality & Real Estate


    Wireless and wired guest room access is not only an opportunity for an additional source of revenue but also an expected value-added amenity. Guest usage trends show an increased use of the Internet, as well as the amount of bandwidth used during each session. Hoteliers must provide fast, reliable Internet access that can support the multiple Wi-Fi and wired devices that many guest now possess. Convention and meeting planners today demand reliable wired and wireless Internet access for their conferences, seminars and events

    Hayman Island Resort Case Study

    Convention Centers

    Internet access is a profitable opportunity for event facilities of any size. In fact, high-speed connectivity is a key component for repeat business. Venues benefit directly from access fees and exhibition-sponsored common area wireless or hotspot facilities. An added perk of providing public Internet access is that attendees tend to stay and spend on meals and refreshments rather than leave the venue.


    Stadium operators need an Internet access service that can cope with the surge of traffic on game day. Fans as well as media covering the event all need secure and reliable access.

    Cafes and Restaurants

    Internet access at a cafe or restaurant not only attracts customers, it can make your venue a location for business, as customers tend to stay longer and purchase more. Opportunities to direct customers to sales and promotional offerings also help increase revenue.

    Multi Dwelling Units

    Reliable high-speed Internet access to multi-dwelling units such as apartments and condominiums is an expected amenity for new tenants. As broadband Internet access demands keep growing, the opportunity to generate incremental revenue for the property owner becomes an increasingly compelling proposition.

    Nomadix Telecom & Mnunicipalities Solutions

    Nomadix Telecom & Mnunicipalities Solutions


    With the ubiquity of Wi-Fi-enabled smart phones, tablets and laptops comes an increased demand for bandwidth which is placing a strain on current 3G mobile infrastructure. As a result, users are starting to see the impact of degraded Internet browsing and rich media application performance.

    To retain subscriber loyalty and satisfy the never-ending demands for more bandwidth, carriers must deploy alternative solutions or incur the cost of moving quickly to a 4G infrastructure. Wi-Fi hotspots are a cost effective bridging technology between 3G mobile, WiMAX, cable broadband services and the growing 4G networks.


    Metro Area Wi-Fi HotZones can provide a host of benefits to cities and municipalities, such as - City wide high-speed Internet access for residents, businesses and government organizations.

    - Ad-hoc networks for conventions, festivals, special events or emergencies
    - Improved security by deploying city-wide security and surveillance systems
    - Access continuously updated for public transportation that can be monitored wirelessly
    - Increased productivity by giving city employees network access while working in the field
    - Improved service and shortened response times by closely monitoring utilities and other municipal services in real time

    Municipal councils and local government can leverage the same HotZone network to generate multiple sources of revenue without additional capital expenditure. In addition, there are opportunities for cost savings for automated muni-services. Internet access via the HotZone can be monetized to provide additional revenue which can offset the cost of the installation or provide additional recurring revenue for use in other capital projects.

    Nomadix Transportation Solutions

    Nomadix Travel & Transportation Solutions

    Airports and Stations

    Recreational travelers often access the Internet to check on travel plans and book ahead for accommodation, whereas the typical business traveler catches up on work while in transit. Regardless of business or pleasure travel, service providers at airports and other major transport venues must be able to provide secure and easy-to-use public Internet access to thousands of travelers and their multiple devices each day. Service providers need to also make sure their Internet service can cope with large fluctuations in usage that occur during peak travel periods or when major events (sporting, recreational, environmental, etc.) disrupt normal travel patterns. Flexibility and ease of use are key requirements for travelers at these venues.

    Airplanes and Commuter Trains

    The ability to provide Internet access attracts more business-class travelers as well as tourists with Wi-Fi enabled devices. Offering this service to customers is a way to increase revenue and can be a key differentiator in a highly competitive market.

    Campgrounds and Marinas

    Customers expect to be able to access the Internet from their personal devices no matter where they are – including campgrounds and marinas. If you’re in charge of operations, Wi-Fi access is a must to retain and attract these holiday makers. No doubt about it, many campers want the option to check their email, browse the Web or instant message from their devices while sitting at the campfire. Meanwhile, boaters seek the ability to stay connected, whether it’s to download a navigation map, check a weather forecast, or make dinner reservations at their destination port.

    Truck Stops and Gas Stations

    Whether it’s checking on hotel reservations, road or weather conditions or posting updates to their social media profiles, many travelers want the ability to access the Internet while stopping at these locations to fill up for fuel and food. Truck stops and gas stations are ideal hotspots and can be positioned as opportunities for 3G offload or EDGE performance offload.

    High-speed connectivity is a profitable, value-added amenity that can enhance the user experience while on the road. The Nomadix Service Engine™ (NSE) is specifically designed for broad based Wi-Fi hotspot rollouts allowing providers to quickly and cost effectively deploy profitable Wi-Fi services.

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