About Newmar

    NEWMAR has been a leading manufacturer of electronic power products for over 40 years.

    Newmar's Telecom Division offers:

    • Large Inventory of DC Power Components
    • Custom Power Plants
    • System Integration
    • Consultation/Engineering
    • Specialized Voltage Conversion Products: DC-DC and AC-DC
    • Customized Power Distribution Products
    • Rapid Delivery for Time-Critical Build-Outs

    Newmar Featured Product

    UPS Power System

    12, 24 & 48 Volt DIN rail mount UPS Power System

    Powers Loads, Charges and Monitors Back-Up Battery, Ideal for Wireless System Transmitter/Enclosure Applications

    * Combines all system power functions: power supply, battery charger, UPS circuitry and status monitoring in ONE compact DIN rail mount unit
    * Dual outputs for load and battery:
    - "Load priority" output distribution ensures power is dedicated first to the load, with remainder then allocated to battery charging, thus preventing a discharged battery from impacting operation of critical loads
    - 3 step charging for rapid battery recovery, programmable for battery type, with optional temperature compensation sensor
    * Battery automatically supports load anytime AC fails
    * Low voltage disconnect protects battery from total discharge
    * Automatic periodic battery health diagnosis
    * High operating temperature range to 70° C
    * Alarm contacts: AC fail, battery at risk
    * Communication MODBUS (DIN-UPS-48-10)
    * CE Approved

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