About netElastic Systems

    netElastic Systems is an innovative software company providing end-to-end solutions for network function virtualization. Built on our extensive experience in the open source communities along with our own technology, we deliver customized carrier-grade solutions that are optimized for high availability, security, operator efficiency, and networking performance.

    netElastic was founded by network industry veterans who are passionate about the concept of software defined networking, open source software, and massively scalable infrastructure. SDN and NFV technologies have become the preferred platforms for innovation. Leveraging decades of combined open-source expertise, netElastic exists to help carrier and service provider customers deploy specialized NFV solutions.

    netElastic’s mission is to help service provider customers deploy customized NFV solutions that enable service innovation while improving operator efficiency.

    netElastic is based in Santa Clara, CA, the heart of Silicon Valley.

    Virtual Broadband Network Gateway

    netElastic vBNG

    Virtual Broadband Network Gateway (vBNG) - Subscriber Access Services Router

    Annual global IP traffic is exploding. Subscriber bandwidth demand is being fueled by more connected devices, cloud computing, and video streaming. Unfortunately, hardware-based BNGs are difficult to near impossible to scale elastically and can’t efficiently support rapidly increasing network and subscriber growth.

    Best-in-Class Performance

    netElastic vBNG is designed to deliver unmatched performance and scalability with a highly optimized data plane and patented packet processing techniques. vBNG delivers up to 160 Gbps throughput and can be scaled to support multi-terabit services. High throughput makes vBNG an ideal choice for highly concentrated network environments that require high performance.

    Maximum Deployment Flexibility

    Whether you’re deploying a new rural network or upgrading a large-scale metro POP, vBNG gives you the deployment flexibility to deliver new services faster. vBNG can be deployed for very small subscriber bases up to millions of subscribers, and service providers can avoid large upfront expenses with netElastic’s “pay-as-you-grow” licensing options. In addition, vBNG’s SDN architecture supports multiple form factors.

    Lower Costs and Network Future-Proofing

    vBNG’s software-based approach and industry-leading scalability can help service providers save up to 70% in costs compared to traditional BNG vendors. vBNG takes advantage of the ever-increasing power of off-the-shelf x86 platforms to provide the elastic scalability that carrier networks need, at much lower costs. vBNG’s software reusability with future hardware refreshes also significantly lowers total cost of ownership.

    Simplified Management

    vBNG is managed by a familiar CLI, netConf APIs, and the web-based BNG Manager. BNG Manager provides complete visibility into all operational aspects of the BNG and powerful troubleshooting tools for support teams. See BNG Manager for more details.

    Full Protocol and Feature Support

    vBNG supports all common BNG access features such as PPPoE and IPoE, subscriber traffic policing and shaping, and CG-NAT. Full routing protocol support includes MPLS, OSPF, BGP, and others.

    netElastic vBNG


    - Best-in-class performance and scalability
    - Lower costs and maximum flexibility
    - Delivers 2x-4x TCO savings
    - Line-rate data plane performance up to 160Gbps per server
    - Deploy standalone, decoupled or disaggregated with SDN switch
    - Support 2,000 to 128,000 subscribers per control plane
    - Rich subscriber management features
    - Perpetual and growth-based licensing options
    - Support small rural POPs up to large metro POPs


    netElastic’s vBNG delivers market-leading performance and scalability, while also reducing capital and operating expenses. vBNG helps service providers benefit from the flexibility of a virtualized solution, without compromising on BNG capabilities or features.

    See BNG Packages for details on how BNGs sized for many common use-cases, including reference servers.

    netElastic Resource Center

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