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    Mercury Networks develops high performance, compact outdoor base stations for the 4G marketplace. Mercury Networks is the only company that utilizes smart antenna technology to achieve the coverage and capacity of a macro base station in a small form factor that can be deployed anywhere. Our solutions are versatile enough to be deployed for small cell urban coverage or for macro base station rural coverage.

    The Mercury Quantum Base Station family offers an open end-to-end solution that allows customers to build their networks using any component available in the vibrant WiMAX ecosystem. All solutions are designed for any type of operator, from small WISPs to large mobile service providers.

    Mercury Networks provides customers with the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry through superior performance, ease of installation, dramatically lower equipment and operational cost, and minimal power consumption.

    Established in 2003, Mercury Networks is a privately held company located in Santa Clara, California. The company is backed by a number of leading Silicon Valley venture firms.

    Mercury Featured Product

    Mercury Quantum 6600

    Mercury Quantum 6600 – High Performance, Carrier-Class Base Station

    Mercury Quantum base stations are a family of carrier-class, outdoor, 802.16e compliant compact base stations, designed to maximize profi tability through improved performance and range in any environment.

    Mercury Quantum 6600™ is a compact, high performance Fixed/Mobile base station that is based on PureMAX™ Smart Antenna beamforming technology. The Mercury Quantum 6600 utilizes 6 antennas designed to work in concert to deliver exponentially better range and capacity than its competition. By directing radio energy where it needs to go, rather than radiating indiscriminately, cell radius is increased, fewer base station are needed to serve any given area, radio interference is reduced, and operational efficiencies are maximized.

    Mercury Quantum 6600 is part of the Mercury Quantum family of advanced, compact base stations engineered to support both fixed and mobile applications. Mercury Quantum base stations come in a rugged fully integrated package. They are designed to be deployed outdoors without the need for a shelter and can be easily mounted on utility poles, walls, rooftops, cell towers, -virtually anywhere- without the need for expensive radio heads.

    Mercury Quantum base stations operate as part of an open, standards based ecosystem that allows our customers to choose best-of-class components, including a diverse portfolio of CPE and ASN Gateway options. Mercury Quantum base stations are designed to support large mobile deployments, but uniquely can also be deployed in “standalone” mode without an ASN-GW. This offers a simpler and more cost effective solution for operators that are interested in initially rolling-out fixed or nomadic services.

    The Software Defined Radio (SDR) architecture allows operators to upgrade their networks by means of remote software updates. As new standards emerge and new functionality becomes available, operators are assured of long-term investment protection.

    All Mercury Quantum base stations are compatible with the powerful PureView Network Management System.

    094-00705-036 - Mercury Quantum 6636 3.65GHz 6x6 Kit, Includes: WiMAX Base Station 3.65-3.70GHz, Basic Installation Kit, Pole Mount Kit, 3.xGHz 663x Antenna, GPS Antenna, Surge Protection Kit

    Mercury New Product

    Mercury QTS-ODU X4G CPE

    Mercury QTS-ODU X4G CPE - High Performance, Outdoor CPE

    The Mercury QTS-ODU Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) is a high performance 802.16e CPE product designed to enable quick service deployments to the most remote customers. The QTS-ODU delivers high capacity and long range coverage to end users by utilizing a smart 2x2 antenna design and OFDM techniques.

    The QTS-ODU is a cost effective outdoor data CPE based on the standard implementation of the IEEE 802.16e Wave II specification.

    It is able to meet the most demanding requirements of large service providers with high throughput and availability. The QTS-ODU supports 2x2 MIMO and Adaptive Modulation Coding (AMC) to maximize system gain and capacity.

    Accompanied with Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM), the integrated high-gain antenna of the QTS-ODU enhances performance in non-line-of-sight (NLOS) environments. Additionally, the integrated antenna design and heat dissipation advancements help to reduce the overall power consumption, ultimately improving the operational life span of the device.

    The QTS-ODU has a single data port and built-in firewall providing an effective all-in-one solution for home network users. The QTS-ODU built-in router function provides multiple VLAN support, TOS/DSCP tagging and rate limiting to ensure greater service feasibility and reliability. The device also encompasses a signal strength indicator on the back panel, making it intuitive for technicians to install.

    The QTS-ODU offers local and remote management through a simplified Web interface. The device also supports TR-069 and OMA-DM services for centralized auto-provisioning and upgrade management.

    050-00500-036 - Mercury QTS-36-S 3.3-3.7GHz Outdoor WiMAX CPE, TDD 2x2 MIMO, 16dBi integrated antenna, 1 data port, FCC. Includes mounting hardware

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