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    Laird Connectivity simplify the rapid integration of wireless connectivity with innovative solutions, world-class manufacturing and unparalleled customer support. Laird's culture creates a fast moving, flexible work environment attracting employees who focus on providing accelerated profitable growth. Laird's vision is to be the technology behind every innovative and reliable wireless solution by 2025.

    With more than three decades of wireless expertise and design facilities around the world, Laird Connectivity can help you bring your wireless product to life.

    Laird Connectivity is the leading supplier of the highest quality antennas, engineered for superior performance. Laird Connectivity’s years of experience with high volume manufacturing enables high-end design, quality, and manufacturing processes to be applied into traditionally low volume market spaces with highly competitive pricing.

    Laird Featured Product


    HD Series 29dBi 4.9-5.9GHz Dual Polarity Wideband Dish Antenna

    The new HD Series dish antennas offered by Laird Technologies offer the system engineer the best performance available on the market. The antennas meet ETSI EN 302.326-3 DN1-DN5 specifications, the most stringent specifications for point to point backhaul antennas. The unique feed system is available in a single polarization version which can be mounted for either vertical or horizontal polarization. There is also a dual polarized version available for those systems which can utilize dual polarization to increase bandwidth or implement diversity. An optional fiberglass radome is available for added environmental protection.

    • Wide band operation
    • Vertically or horizontally polarized
    • Dual horizontal / vertical and dual-slant polarity models available
    • Ultralow sidelobes, meets ETSI standards
    • Extremely rugged for long service life in extreme environments

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